All my life I have never asked help from anyone . No matter how bad the situation is . I’m a proud man and done everything in my power to survive. I have exhausted all avenues working overtime working myself sick and still at the end of the day have nothing , except for my is everything and was instilled in me from a little boy . Family that will soon be on the streets . With no where to turn . And not just my immediate family, but the rest of my wife’s family that resides here . I don’t know if can save where we live or be able to find a place to rent temporarily but winter is coming and im out of options. And I know everyone has there problems but this is ours . I have always been kind to those less fortunate than I , even if I didn’t have much to give . Turning to the aid of strangers is a last desperate effort one that I thought I would never have to do. We thank any and all that give whatever they can. And we will give back a thousand fold any way we can to show our gratitude for any support