My name is Melanie W. McLaughlin, writer and author. One day to my utter surprise I would have a story to tell, to write. This wasn't just any story; God's Hand was all over this story! Why, God had even Divinely handpicked a "man of the cloth" to confirm that "MANY" should hear this story. Read this story. There was one problem, the Hounds of H*ll were doing EVERYTHING to keep this story from being shared with "MANY!" Did I mention, it was MY STORY? So, I humbly need your help to get it published. The "man of the cloth" I mentioned, I had never laid eyes on him until the day he showed up in my life. It would become a TOTAL SHOCK! He would read my manuscript and ask me, "how soon can you get it published?" It's brilliant, he said. He added, "you have quite a story to tell to MANY!"