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On October 4th was told by my primary Care Physician to get evaluated at the ER as to why I couldn’t get enough Oxygen. What was found is i Have a leaking heart valve and a small blood clot in upper chamber of my heart. To replace the heart valve it will destroy my already failing Kidney function and put me into Dialysis so we are trying to do the medication route first and i will need 3 new Doctors added to my list to see monthly and the co-pay will burden me im already on Disability fixed income. I could use help with my visits to see specialist and any hospital bills i accrue and your help will help me greatly 

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Update #3
November 15, 2023
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Adding the Hospital release records from my visit in October 2023

listed are all my health problems and why I need help with hospital bills and doctors appointments 

Prayers are welcomed 🙏🏼

Update #2
November 13, 2023
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Some good news was given the clost has diminished and no longer need to be on blood thinners.. the leaking valve is still there i will be going for another echocardiogram in January

i have blood work to get an update on my Kidney funtion numbers before my appt on the 11/21 .. these co-pays twice a month are not helping my financial situation any donation will help

Thank you

Upcoming Doctors Appointment
October 22, 2023
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On October 30, 2023 i have a Cardiologist appointment and hoping the blood clot and the leaking heart valve has diminished. These appointment co-pays are a bit more than i can afford at the end of the month since im on disability . Any Donations would be very helpful.. i also just received the hospital bills from my July stay and thoat has come to $2000 i would love to be able to pay them off and not keep getting past due bills in case i need to be admitted again 


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