We are a family of three. Our son just turned one year old. In order to set up a financial investment, we purchased a salon before our son was born last year 2022. Due to hard economic times and on my part having lost my source of income, we are about to lose the shop, which is our job and fall back since we are behind in rent. The shop and our apartment have accrued debts and that's the only help we need. We have held it together as a family and it's reached the peak and agents are now coming from tomorrow, October 4th. Please if you find it in your heart that you have extra to share, we will appreciate. As a family starting from my mum, we have been givers. I never find courage to borrow from friends some of whom we have assisted a lot,but that's how it is now. I don't know what else to do. Apologies for not publishing my wife's name. I am Ezekiel Maina and may you all be blessed. Amen.