Hi Dear Friends (and Territorians). 

I have set up this GiveSendGo page for anyone that would like to support me in defending my position with the cream pie incident. Firstly, I want to thank everyone that has sent messages of support over the last few months via posts, text messages and phone calls and ask that you to continue to support my efforts in making sure that Territorian voices are heard in relation to:

  • increasing crime;
  • violence and stabbings in our communities;
  • increase in the number of businesses being broken into and vandalised.

We are fed up with not feeling safe in our own homes, while travelling on public transport or walking on the streets. We are fed up with the lack of police response/presence because the Police Force has been overwhelmed with many resignations over the last 2-3 years, poor government leadership and ongoing funding cuts.

Any donation (big or small) to help support my cause and upcoming court costs (re the cream pie incident) but also to show the number of Territorian's that have had enough of the current way that the Northern Territory is being governed by the Labor Party is appreciated. 

I am thinking of throwing my hat in the ring at the next State election as I do not believe i could do any worse than the current muppets. What do you think Territorians?

Thanks Suzie