Hi, my name is Dawn. I am the mother of five beautiful children. My youngest daughter was in a horrible rollover car accident . She has her jaw wired shut, due to breaking it in two places. She has three broken bones in her back. She had a heart contusion and lung contusion. She lost a bottom tooth. I have had to leave my home to take care of her because her doctors are close to where she is staying. She will have a long recovery and extensive physical therapy. It is taking a toll on our family with financial expenses. She cannot eat food. She has to drink from a straw which is all protein drinks. They are very expensive. She did not have any insurance to cover the surgery for her jaw. I have had to leave work to take care of her, which is been a big financial burden. I am trying to raise money to help her. With the expenses. She is a sweet young woman and needs help getting back on her feet. I cannot put this financial burden on my older children so I have rented a hotel until I can nurse her back to health because my home is too far away to bring her to. All of her appointments for doctors and physical therapy are close to her. Please help in anyway thank you so much for reading my story. Any help would be truly appreciated