Hello, my name is Shannon. I'm reaching out to get help with my daughter in law ( to be) Stacy Malishesky,and my son Corey Neuberts wedding. Stacy is currently fighting the biggest fight of her life. She has stage 4 cervical cancer. She is a beautful young woman (34 years old). Originally she was told her life expectancy was 2 to 5 years and in order to save up enough to give Stacy the wedding she dreams of, my son took on a second job (besides being by Stacy's side to take care of her) . They originally planned for a December 2024 wedding, in order to have time to save. Unfortunately, Stacy has been told by her dr.s just this week that they need to move their wedding up due to the fact that Stacy might not be around long enough to have a wedding that far in the future. It's no longer 2 to 5 years.My son Corey has been by Stacy's side since day 1. And has gone thru all the ups and downs of cancer. Along this journey my son decided he wanted to marry Stacy, despite the grim facts of her young future. The beautiful love I have witnessed between both of them is the kind of love not everybody gets to experience in a lifetime. Stacy was asked by her Dr. What would be the most important thing that she would want to enjoy before she passed away, her response was that she " wanted to be a wife". She wants a destination wedding if she can. My son has stated that he wants to give her the wedding of her dreams because it might be the last thing she has to look forward to. The real reality that Stacy and my son may not have very long to enjoy being man and wife truly breaks my heart. If we can't make this wedding happen soon Stacy may not get her wish. They both want to embark on this adventure quickly so they can enjoy what time they have left ,even if for only a little while.They both deserve this wedding. I'm here to thank anyone who so graciously helps donate to make this wedding possible. I thank you from the bottom of mine Stacy and Corey's hearts.