Hey friends and family!

less than 5% of students attend a christian group on the average college campus in America. In New York the number is closer to 2%. Yet 4 out of 5 students confess that they are hungry for spirituality. Myself and a team known as the Circuit Riders have taken this statistic as a sign that our generation really does want Jesus, but is fed up with religion(a form of godliness lacking power). 

With love and hope in our eyes, we have taken this reality as our personal responsibility. many of us have laid down our personal aspirations and dreams to collectively dream for the rescue of America. We are a family of Musicians, artist, entrreprenuers and orators who have come togther to see Jesus articulated well to a generation both in our respected gifts and together in a unified expression.

over the last 3 years, circuit riders have developed and executed a number of tours across campuses (including the Ivy leagues) in different cities and regions. The fall of 2015 was our first national campaign where we visited 60 universities that reached 80 total. visit carrythelove.com as well as thecircuitrider.com to get more information on these different tour stops and related testimonies. I also have a personal blog that will give my perspective on it all which you can check out at " "

The message of the Circuit Riders, which is in essence the simple gospel has been gaining momentum on universities in America. Our team really feels from God to go after 500 campuses during the spring semester of 2016. This tour will look similar to the model we have used in previous times. a gathering intended to be a catalytic spark that will activate students to immediate action on their campuses to see Jesus represented rightly to the lost. In addition to to the Circuit Rider flavor we have also partnered with RESET and will be using our tour to mobilize the university students to a gathering being called TOGETHER which is aiming to put a million people on the National Mall in DC  on July 7, 2016 as a flash-point moment in history that will redefine our generation.

Myself and our entire team will be on the road for almost the full year giving ourselves completely to the tour and also running different training schools during the summer. This will involve many flights and different beds. We are all individually funding to make this happen. Please prayfully consider partnering with me financially on a monthly basis to see Jesus glorified not just in small remnant but all across college campuses in our nation. All funds will go to living and traveling cost for the year.

John P. Howard
Boston/Northeast/Midwest event Coordinator and Speaker
Circuit Riders