Chances are you are here because you know me as Snippits, an older women of extremely modest means with an old blog. I drove a 27 yr old Toyota for many years until a few weeks ago when it was totally demolished in an accident. I suffered a minor but potentially life-changing injury ~ time and care will do the trick but my car was a complete write-off; I thank the angels that all I got was banged up knee. I will seek another modest vehicle when I know how this exercise turns out. I love what I do with my blog, something that I create with love and care with the clandestine purpose of elevating the spirit. Many long hours go into finding and preparing the materials I post for all and sundry. My goal is to provided a bit of information along with peace and reminders of why we are ll in this battle. What I share is truly a part of me because I cannot imagine not doing it for you. But a vehicle keeps me happy! The thought of being housebound is anathema to my mood. I hope to find another car that is pre-chip era!

Knowing I can replace my car will keep me vital. It will make pool and family accessible. I have tried for 17 years to keep Snippits and Snappits ad free and never asked for funding. Whatever you would care to contribute will help. I am asking now. And already thanking you with much love.