3rd Bn 2nd Marine Reunion Honoring Sgt Eddie Ryan

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3rd BN 2nd Marines Scout ****** Platoon Reunion 


Sergeant Eddie Ryan, Scout ******, USMC Retired

  April 25-27, 2024

Springs of Change is proud to announce a very special event for one of our wounded heroes, Sgt. Eddie Ryan and the men of 3rd BN 2nd Marines Scout ****** Plt (Iraq 2005). We are bringing these men down to Florida for a platoon reunion and an **alligator & wild boar hunting adventure.  

Most of these men, some of them wounded in action as well, have not seen each other in many years. This event, held at God's Country Outfitters in San Mateo, FL, will be an opportunity to re-establish bonds, experience a real Florida hunting adventure together, enjoy great food, share stories and relax in a beautiful & peaceful environment.

**The alligator & wild boar hunt will take place on private lands where these creatures pose a threat to horse & cattle operations and are removed regularly by the landowners. Wild boar are a highly invasive species and their numbers continue to grow each year costing millions of dollars in damage for property owners. Through partnerships with these landowners we can provide a unique hunting experience for our participants while removing the danger for the cattle & horses as well as thin the wild boar population. Additionally, the meat from the hunt will be donated to a local charity and distributed to those that need it most.

Back Story 

In 2005 3rd BN 2nd Marines held a series of combat outposts in a highly contested area along the Syrian Border and Euphrates River. Thousands of terrorists were trying to cross over into Iraq answering the call to join the fight against the Coalition Forces and 3rd BN 2nd Marines were directly in their path. On April 13, 2005 Eddie, on his 3rd tour and assigned to the Scout ****** platoon, was grievously wounded during combat operations interdicting these terrorists. He was shot in the head twice leaving him immediately fighting for his life on the battlefield, he was 21 years old. Through the grace of God, the quick actions of his brother Marines, Eddie's strength and a mountain of prayers he survived, although with many challenges. 

Today Eddie lives in the beautiful town of Lake George, NY and is surrounded by an incredibly loving family and an amazingly supportive community. One of Eddie’s dreams has always been to go on an alligator hunt and we are honored he and his family are letting us make this dream come true for him. 

Eddie and the men of 3rd BN 2nd Marines did their duty, some paid a heavy price for their service and I, along with our donors and supporters, am honored to bring this event forward to express our sincere thank you for all they have done for us and this great nation. 

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For whoever sheds his blood with me, shall forever be my brother” Semper Fidelis !

Benefits of Reunions

With an average of 22 veterans dying each day by suicide and others dealing with physical & phycological challenges related to their service we must do more for those who have sacrificed so much for us. Reunions are one way to help meet the challenge of some of the issues that are affecting our veterans. These reunions allow veterans to reconnect with those they served with during some of the most harrowing times of their lives and reaffirms their commitment to each other, never alone, never left behind. Reunions have proven to have positive effects on those who attend and we are excited to bring these men together for new, positive experiences and great memories. God bless and thank you for your support, it means so much to those we serve.  


When we first proposed the event concept to Eddie and his family we had a goal of no more than eight to ten participants in mind. After we presented the concept to the men of 3rd BN 2nd Marines ****** Platoon however our numbers more than doubled, they’re excited to see Eddie and each other again. Due to the increase in attendees our costs to bring this event forward also more than doubled. We are asking for donations to support this incredible event for this group of Marines. Below is a list of what 100% of your tax deductible donations go to.

-Guided Hunting package for over 20 participants

-All food and drinks supplied & prepared 

-Accommodations in a beautiful hunting lodge and cabins. 

-Airfare, gas reimbursement and other related travel costs for all participants

-RV rental to bring Eddie, his dad and support staff to Florida and back

-All hunting equipment and all ammunition provided

-Taxidermy costs for Eddie’s alligator 

-Various administrative costs

*Donations collected over and above the cost of this event will be divided between our foundation supporting enduring programs for Veterans, First Responders & Gold Star Families and Eddie’s Foundation to support his ongoing needs. Thank You !!


Last Pre-Event Update
April 14, 2024
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Hello Everyone, I hope this email finds you all well. We are less than two weeks out from the event and most everything has been arranged, scheduled and everyone is excited to see Eddie and everyone else down here. I want to give you a rundown on what will be taking place during the event and how things will flow. There have been many challenges bringing this very special event forward which would not be possible without you. The support has been tremendous and after the event has concluded we will be sharing pictures and videos with you so you can see what you have made possible, a dream come true for an American hero and his brothers who all deserve this reunion. 

We will also be posting updates on our Facebook Page at Twisted Oaks Lodge



Our rifle raffle supporting this event is active, courtesy of the USMC Scout Sniper Assn, if you are interested, grab a few tickets or share with those who you think would be interested in supporting this. Here is the link


*The event is fully funded and the RV has been secured for Eddie. We are currently raising funds to cover the alligator trophy fee for Eddie, the cost of an alligator wallet, with team logo on it, for each attendee made from the skin of the alligator Eddie harvests and the purchase of an engraved brick honoring the 2005 3/2 Sniper Plt to be placed at the coming USMC Scout Sniper Memorial.

Thank you again for all you've done !!

Ed Boeringer 

Springs of Change, Inc

3/2 - Sgt Eddie Ryan Reunion Scheme of Maneuver:

Fort White / Alligator Hunt (Eddie & his support team)

April 23rd

3 PM - Take possession of AirBnB in Fort White in preparation for medical equipment delivery on the 24th.

*4 People for dinner

April 24th 

AM - Medical Equipment Delivery in Fort White

PM - Eddie Ryan & team arrives at Fort White

PM - Nurses assistants arrives at Ft White

*4 people for breakfast Ft White

*11 people for dinner (includes volunteers & nurses assistant)

April 25th

AM - Eddie & Chris Ryan participate in alligator hunt

*Paramedic will be on site for alligator hunt

*Photographer / drone operator will be onsite to record the alligator hunt

10 AM - Eddies support team kayaks the Ichetucknee Spring River

PM - Nurses assistants arrives at Fort White

5 PM - Transport Eddies helpers to San Mateo for following morning hog hunt

*11 people for breakfast

*Lunch to be determined

*8 people for dinner

April 26th   

AM - Take Chris & Eddie to the Ichetucknee Spring Head and to see some local historic native sites

AM - Medical equipment pick-up

3 PM - Transport Eddie & Chris to San Mateo for evening dinner & reunion

*6 people for breakfast

San Mateo / Hog Hunt Reunion (Sniper Plt & Eddie with support team)

April 25th

AM - Medical equipment delivery to San Mateo

PM - 3/2 Snipers arrive at God's Country Lodge between approximately 3 & 5 pm

*Snipers participate in optional range time

*18 people for dinner (includes volunteers)

April 26th

AM - Snipers & Eddies support team participate in Wild Boar Hunt.

PM - Paramedic arrives at San Mateo

PM - Everyone together at San Mateo for dinner & reunion

PM - Nurses assistants arrives at San Mateo

*15 or 16 people for the hog hunting

*18 people for breakfast (includes volunteers)

*25 people for reunion dinner (included volunteers, paramedic & gate security)

April 27th

AM - End of event, everyone departs San Mateo after breakfast

AM - Medical equipment pick-up

*25 people for breakfast

TV Spot
February 23, 2024
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A big Thank You to Mark Mulholland of WNYT Channel 13 News Albany who covered Sgt Eddie Ryan's story and our upcoming event. Mark did an amazing job and we are so honored to have him give attention to this very special event. The link is below. Thank you again to all of our donors and supporters, without you these events are not possible. God Bless and if you have any comments, questions and concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


Event Fast Approaching !!
February 4, 2024
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Sgt Eddie Ryan - 3/2 Sniper Reunion basic scheme of maneuver. Our event is fast approaching and we're all getting excited, Eddie is PUMPED !! Still looking for donations, hoping you can help support this event.

April 24th

PM - Eddie Ryan arrives at Lake City lodging April 25th

AM - Eddie & Chris Ryan participate in Alligator Hunt

AM - Eddies helpers participate in kayaking trip on the Ichetucknee Spring River (optional)

PM - 3/2 Snipers arrive at San Mateo Lodge *transportation will be arranged to bring snipers from Airport to San Mateo & back

PM - Transport Eddies helpers to San Mateo for following morning hog hunt April 26th

AM - Transport Eddie & Chris to San Mateo for evening reunion

AM - Snipers & Eddies helpers participate in Wild Boar Hunt.

PM - Everyone together at San Mateo for dinner & reunion April 27th

AM - Everyone departs San Mateo, end of event

**Hot breakfast & dinner will be provided each day and ample snakes will also be available at any time.

Update #2
September 8, 2023
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3/2 Scout ****** Platoon just prior to deploying to Iraq in 2005. Eddie is third man from the right

Update #1
September 8, 2023
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Eddie prior to deploying to Iraq


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