Precision Livery Inc. is a Secured Chauffeur Transportation Service. Our vision and purpose for Precision Livery Inc. is to provide the best secured chauffeured transportation and protective services to discerning clientele, that have lost trust & faith in the typical everyday limousine service. We believe in and adhere to faithful personal service to our clientele, going above and beyond what other top rated services can provide. And we do that each day in prayerful supplication for our passengers.

As a top flight chauffeur I’ve seen a dramatic decline of integrity of service these past few years! Limousine services are providing barely adequate and hardly qualified “drivers” to their clients, not chauffeurs. It’s a dangerous trend!

Precision Livery…the solution is in the name!

Our family loves Jesus, and seeks at all times to serve Him, and our community. Our campaign’s purpose is to raise funds to purchase new vehicles to grow our company, so that we may better provide for our family day-by-day. In particular our company seeks to provide for my mom, who is blind and retired. Mom is one of our board members, and her encouragment and almost 50 years of business experience is a blessing to us. Mom's faith in our Lord, her wisdom, her experience, and prayerful support is paramount to the success of Pricision Livery.

Please lift up our fledgling company in your prayers, for favor from God the Father. And if you are led by the Lord to do so, you can make a donation of any amount to our cause, it would mean so very much to us. It’s in Jesus’s name that we live and move and breath, and we can do nothing apart from His will.

God bless you all!

The Gautier Family