Hey everyone so Im gonna start this out from right after I had Jaxston my youngest child who is now 3 almost 4. I started having a ton of pain (cramping that literally feels like constant contractions and giving birth) and really heavy bleeding and it wasn't pretty. And It was constant pain and agony on a daily basis with the bleeding too.. so I was dealing with all of that and a new baby for quite a while after having Jax, I went through all kinds of tests and ultrasounds that went on for months, and that's when we found all the cysts on my ovaries.. around that same time we decided to do an ablation in hopes that it would l stop the pain and bleeding. And it didn't I was still cramping really bad and tho the ablation stopped the bleeding it did not help with the cramping so I was still in a incredible amount of pain. At that time my OB decided to do a biopsy of the cysts.  And what we found was pre cancer. But because it was pre cancer medicaid did not consider it to be life threatening. I am a single mother raising my son without his father's assistance financially or physically due to his addiction. I am not bad mouthing his father because he has his own struggles, I obviously don't understand at this time because I'm not in his shoes. But I will say this it is not easy being a single parent no matter what the situation is. But I have been battling with medicaid for over a year to have a hysterectomy done, had medicaid ok'd the surgery last year I wouldn't be in this situation. Well to be honest I guess I don't know if I would be or not but the chances of me having to deal with this now would be smaller. So bringing us to the present moment we are in now.... I had an ultrasound done 2 weeks ago and it brought some really unsettling news. The pre cancer diagnosis it no longer applies, it is now cancer and  has spread to my ovaries and surrounding areas. I am not holding my breath that medicaid will allow the hysterectomy so that brings me to asking well begging for help. A little back story to those of you that don't know me... I was addicted to meth and heroine for years from the time I was 22 to the time I got pregnant with my youngest Jaxston. I threw everything away including but not limited to my first two  boys they are now 16 and 17 and I am still making up for all the lost time there. The one smart decision I made during that time of my addiction was saving them from the person I had become and giving them the best life possible with their grandmother. My addiction crushed every dream I ever had because I couldn't walk away from the one thing that was killing me slowly and I allowed it to. And had Jesus not allowed me to get pregnant I probably would of died with a needle in my arm. I have been sober 4 years and some change and don't ever want to go back, and there was a time I didn't believe I would ever say that. But since 2019 I have not touched methamphetamines of any kind, or heroine. I have my boys in my life again and I am free... Until I found out I had this going on I was piecing my life back together and loving doing it. I have reasons to live again and  I'm learning new ones everyday. This life hasn't been an easy journey but at the end of the day I'm grateful for everyday I get to be a mother and a daughter and a girlfriend a sister and a friend to the people I love and care for. So for any and all of you that can help. I will be eternally grateful to you all... I am going to make every moment I have left on this earth count because I know how close I am to not having them anymore...God bless and I love you all.