Many of us know bus driver Dee from Head Start! Some of us as coworkers that became her family and call her Momma Dee. Some of us had our children ride her bus to the Head Start Preschool. No matter what role she has played, or plays in our lives, we all know that she is the most caring giving person that loves everyone she meets.

She had been on Dialysis for a lengthy time before getting the call in the middle of church on Sunday August 13th that she had a donor and needed to check into Swedish Hospital at 12 midnight! Surgery took place at 8am August 14th. So far her recovery is going quite well and she was released from Swedish Hospital on August 18th to a hotel that is medically covered, and where she will have to stay for the next 6 to 8 weeks. What she didnt know was the hotel would have zero parking available. Her dear friend Cherice is staying with her at the hotel so Dee can be transported to Swedish Hospital daily for routine testing to ensure the kidney transplant is taking. Cherice is Dee's caretaker for this next 6 to 8 weeks. With there being zero parking at the hotel Dee and Cherice are having to pay $24 a day to park. This is not financially realistic for either of them to be able to afford.