There is an ongoing battle for your second amendment rights. The Biden administration sent the ATF to take my Federal Firearms License (FFL) away, and from many other dealers like myself. Go to the Second Amendment Foundation website, and read about the raid on my home and my family. Or Google Russell Fincher ATF Raid.

My name is Russell Fincher. I am a pastor of over 30 years, a high school teacher, and part-time Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). I would set-up as a vendor at gun shows to help ends meet and provide for my family. June 16 the ATF raided my home, confiscated some and forced dispersion of the rest of my business inventory to another dealer, AND seized 52 of my personal guns, which IS theft. Now, I have had to hire a legal team to fight the Department of Justice and ATF, to recover my personal property (Civil Forfeiture). Please pray for me for wisdom and, if possible, donate to my cause. I am not only fighting for my rights, but for everyone who loves their rights contained in the Bill of Rights, and 2nd amendment. If everyone would just give a few dollars, we can stop these bullies, and keep them out of our homes and out of our lives. Thank you and God bless.