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Update: Thank you all so  much for your generosity and goodwill. You've have gotten us through an early but challenging phase in which we raced out West for interviews and visuals that will carry us through the storytelling. It also got us to Ottawa, me with Jacquie and our wonderful crew to film the chaos surrounding the trial of Tamara and Chris. We are nearly there and hope to complete this round of funding soon. As many of you know, I observed the trial from inside the courtroom and will be going back.

Your support means we can capture the story of the convoy protests themselves but it also allows us time and resources for investigative journalism around the media and government pushback. Bookending this tale, our brilliant director of photography and sound recordist are capturing the beauty of our country -- the place that spawned a protest for the ages and the world. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This project is a great privilege to work on and we are grateful to each and every one of you. If you are so inclined, do please send this to a friend. Much appreciated.   

WHY THE FUNDING PITCH: The usual funders of historical biopics, namely legacy media and big streamers no longer support stories that don't suit their narrative. Our film will live up to the highest qualitative standards, but we must rely on people like you to help us tell this story. Thanks for your attention and interest.

OUR STORY: The Freedom Convoy's Tamara Lich helped lead a movement that inspired the world and now, she faces her darkest hour. Our documentary bio of her extraordinary life has been in production out West, capturing Lich, as she prepares to face criminal charges in Ottawa. Unless there is a miracle, soon she will be on trial for her part in a peaceful protest -- one that empowered us to push back against massive government overreach and cruelty that was tearing Canada apart.

Regardless of judicial outcome, The Trials of Tamara Lich is a deep dive into what it takes to withstand the manipulations of global elites and media and how, despite overwhelming odds, this determined woman stepped boldly toward the call of history. As I write this, Chris Barber, also a convoy leader, is pulling out of his farm driveway in Saskatchewan. Like Tamara, he’s making the same drive to Ottawa that he did in 2022. Back then, he was behind the wheel of his truck, Big Red, with Tamara beside him in the cab. He too, faces criminal charges. As he pulled away, our team packed up their gear and headed home to await the next phase of our production which unfolds in Ottawa.

TAMARA AND ME: One of my proudest moments since beginning my podcast, Trish Wood is Critical, was hearing Tamara tell Jordan Peterson that her early thinking on C-19 was influenced by listening to our show. Later, in turn, Tamara inspired me and many others to keep going. Prior to beginning the podcast, my background was as a documentary producer and director on high profile projects for Amazon Studios and others. Putting those skills to work on a bio-documentary about Tamara Lich seemed like fate. My producing partner, Jacqueline Bynon, is a long-time friend and one of the most revered true crime executive producers in the business with projects on A and E, Discovery and National Geographic. She brings deep understanding to the space where human emotion and tragedy collide.

THE MEANING OF OUR FILM: The crowded overpasses along frozen Canadian highways stand as powerful images marking the first stirrings of belief that we might get our country back -- that dehumanizing public health policy and divisive political rhetoric are no match for the enduring power of hope in the human heart. Through interviews with convoy participants and true believers worldwide, plus solid investigative reporting on the smearing of a movement by politicians and media - all seen through the eyes of Lich, our goal is to reveal why Lich was the right person to bring a message of perseverance despite the odds. We will also explore how populist movements around the world are under attack, what it means and what the future holds. As I write this, my Twitter feed is full of new C-19 restrictions being implemented and contemplated globally. It would seem they've learned nothing. That’s why The Trials of Tamara Lich is a key addition to the storytelling around C-19 and the Freedom Convoy.

A NOTE: This is not the first, nor will it be the last documentary on the Freedom Convoy. Rather The Trials of Tamara Lich plays a pivotal role in understanding an important historical event still playing out before our eyes.

FUNDRAISING: This is the first round in our mission to fund the film. We thought it important to capture Tamara and Chris preparing for their trip to Ottawa. We plan more sequences as events unfold - in addition to historical storytelling about the convoy itself. We’ll also update with reporting on the Public Order Emergency Commission, which contradicts much of the storyline put forward by the government and media. We are so grateful for your interest and support!

WIth gratitude to Matt Orfalea who edited our trailer.



Back to Ottawa Next Week
November 24, 2023
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Hello To All of Our Generous Supporters!

We are moving along - and watching for a trial outcome. It seems to be dragging on and on. Not sure if we should interpret this as a good or bad sign. Tamara and Chris are holding up well but have been away from home a very long time. They hide it well but I know it is stressful. 

We are adding to our supporter outreach a little newsletter that will come in email form through Substack, with photos and stories from the road to keep everyone updated. If you are donating by check and want to receive it please include your email address so we can reach you. 

This is round three of filming and a very important milestone for us -- documenting the story of the convoy and our country, now at a crossroads. 

Stay tuned. Stay critical. 

And thanks so much for your generosity....we are moved beyond words.


Trish and Jacqueline



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