I Adawari Peterside is seeking financial support for my family back home, I moved to Canada in 2013 from Nigeria .

A very tragic incident has happened to my family in Nigeria, I got a call on August 5th 2023 about the murder of my elder brother Alafuro Peterside a loving husband and a father of 3 by a trigger happy police officer.

A Police officer shot him cold in the chest with his wife and kids in the car, the family witnessed this heinous act of crime. They were out having dinner at a popular restaurant, a robbery incident had happened around the area but from eye witnesses no shots were fired nor were the robbers present. My brother finished dinner with his family, and they all entered the car to leave, just as he was leaving a cop came in front of his car and without any warning fired a shot straight into chest. The family (wife and kids) will have memory burned in their brain “There dad shot and murdered in front of them”.

The Police are trying to cover their tracks and protect their own, we want justice for their crimes and everyone held accountable for their actions. The family is yet to even see his body as the police are still in possession of his body.

We are asking for financial assistance to support the family in this tough and challenging time. There is a lot unplanned expenses because of this tragic crime, the family will be needing money to help with lawyer fees , funeral cost and also the school fees cost for the 3 Children since the breadwinner and financial pillar of the family is now deceased.

I recently became a Canadian citizen and was looking to go back home to celebrate and not for a funeral, I will truly appreciate whatever you can support the family with.

I have attached links to news article (https://punchng.com/policeman-killed-my-husband-in-our-childrens-presence-rivers-widow/) (https://punchng.com/policeman-killed-my-husband-in-our-childrens-presence-rivers-widow/) and a YouTube Video (https://youtu.be/f-Jw-HR7dfM?si=vJ0cfBnqERDAf--o)  regarding this incident , thanks for your help and God bless you