Daughter Needs A Home

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My husband and I have always tried to do the right thing. I don't believe we've ever turned away those that come to us in need. We made good careers for ourselves and built a good life, until it all came crashing down. 

I am a 66 year old widow. My husband died from cancer November of 2021. My husband battled for two years. It wiped us out financially and emotionally. I was devastated, but continued on,  though I had to utilize every resource I had. Now sadly, I find myself on hospice care. My daughter went to Tennessee to help a friend take care of his mother after her dad passed. However,  after caring for his mother for nearly two years; his mother sold the land and left my daughter & her husband stranded. She's terrified, but she's believing God for  miracle. Still, she prays faithfully and praises God. She's in an area where there are few jobs and low population. The nearest town is ten miles away.

I need her to have a  home,   before I pass away. I have no money left and I have even used up my credit cards to the max, though they were not large amounts-Thank You God. I will continue to be grateful and hopeful. This is the first time in my life that I've had to ask for help.  It's a true, humbling experience. I've always been the giver.  Any amount will help along with prayers, so she may be able to get travel here to Idaho and find a home or apartment. Please help, if you can.Prayers are very appreciated. Pray before you give. I just want my daughter home safely. 


Update #1
August 25, 2023
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My daughter has found a temporary place to stay. I will continue to hope she will be able to come home. Nevertheless,  she is safe, still optimistic and hopeful. 


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