In the summer of 2023, 19 students were expelled from the Waldorf School of Tampa Bay because their families had asked the school to reconsider the hiring of a first grade teacher whose artwork promotes violence against children and animals and who also identifies as a transgender activist.  The school maintains that they have the right to expel anyone at anytime and that the families will not receive a refund of tuition even though the school is refusing to offer the services for which the parents paid.  In response to this gross violation of trust, many additional families have left the school and with few exceptions are being forced to forfeit their tuition as well.

We are asking your support for legal fees so that we can continue to put pressure on the school to return tuition to families and expose their shameless targeting of innocent children and the families who have the courage to stand up against the irrational, un-scientific and harmful introduction of transgender ideology into our schools, even our private schools.  

We are not a group of elite, wealthy people who are pursuing Ivy league education for our kindergarteners.  We are mostly working people who are prioritizing a wholesome, protective education for our children only to have it subverted by political actors in the Waldorf movement who prioritize their own ideologies over the health and well-being of children. Civil litigation is not for the common folk due to the expense, but it is essential that these political forays into our schools be confronted. We are willing to use our story as an example and could use your help.

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