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The ministry of health reports, "In the eastern Congolese provinces like North and South Kivu, we think the rate of sexual violence is about 10 times more than officially recorded.”

Sexual violence is rampant and is used as a weapon of war. Survivors of sexual violence go into hiding. There is deeply held stigma for those who have been sexually violated and it is common for victims to be blamed and for perpetrators to go free. Yet some are finding their way to care. The caregivers feel the weight and need to be cared for themselves. They welcome training and support.

In addition, the civil unrest creates constant insecurity and fear which leads to more trauma. To deal with the life hijacking effects of trauma, there are high rates of substance abuse. There is a great need for rehab centers and substance abuse training for healthcare workers.

In 2018, Lisa was contacted by the Congo Initiative to consider partnering with Noe Kasali for mental health training for counselors in Beni, DRC. At the same time, coincidentally (ha!) Lisa was receiving graduate trauma training through the Global Trauma Recovery Institute with Diane Langberg and Phil Monroe and began praying for the Congolese. This led to further training in the Healing Wounds of Trauma (HWT) curriculum and the question of how and where to offer my training and experience to the most vulnerable.

100% of your giving will fund:

-The cost of trauma healing workshops (food, space, servers, materials, travel for attendees)

-Trainings for counselors

-Educational seminars and workshops on parenting, marriage, substance abuse

-Housing and travel as I offer intensive personal mental health therapy to leaders and missionaries

-Travel expenses, insurance, food and housing for us

-Needed supplies for YAYA Connect, a popular ministry to the youth led by David Bakwanamaha

Better than going solo is bringing a community. That's where you come in. Would you join me as I serve the Congolese and consider supporting this important work. You're giving will have a far reaching impact.

Follow what God is doing through Congo Can Heal here