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Phoebe is a sweet and smart 12-year-old little girl. She has a myriad of health issues but doesn’t let them get her down. Despite multiple surgeries and countless hospital stays Phoebe is usually pretty content. She does not ask for much. The one thing that she really wants - more than ANYTHING - is to change her last name to Horton to match the rest of her family. She lives with Kristopher and Mandy Horton who have legal guardianship of her. Their ultimate goal was to adopt Phoebe, but because of her complex medical needs that isn’t a possibility at the moment. The next best thing is to legally change her name to Phoebe Horton. The court fees and lawyer fees are higher than the family expected due to the complicated nature their situation. Please consider showing Phoebe and this incredible family how much they mean to us by making Phoebe’s wish come true!