Family's Travel Cost for Kidney Donation Travel

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Goal: USD $5,500
Raised: USD $ 5,795

On August 3, 2023 we leave for Los Angeles so my husband can donate his kidney to my Dad. My Dad's home is too small to house us. We had to close our bakery business to make this kidney donation possible. We decided to do this 2 years ago with no hesitation because that is what family does. We are so blessed to have a community like ours where everyone looks out for each other. Your donations, your patronage for the bakery and overwhelming support for our dream are deeply appreciated. Thank you all for your support and prayers, we will need them in the days to come. Depending on how recovery goes we hope to reopen soon.

However, now that we've closed our family bakery due to not being able to cover payroll with us gone for 3 weeks in Los Angeles and then my husband not able to work for 3 months, we will not have income to cover travel, hotel/room stay (hotel is oddly cheaper), rental car to cover any 24 hour medical emergency after surgery/medicine, and food (can't believe how expensive LA is by hospital). Not looking for entertainment even for our 12 yr old son, just help with accommodations, car, food and return tickets (my Dad was able to use his disability for plane tickets there).

Below you will see breakdown of how funds will be used: 

$6200.00 for accommodations Expedia: . There is only 3 rooms left and another 5 rooms at 6500.00. (if anyone knows or has extra home in West Los Angeles - close to Cider Sinai, we are willing to stay at your home. Just be aware he may have pain at night or need to go back to hospital at anytime of day, with not disturbing you, we ask if the home has at least one bedroom separate to not to disturb anyone, prefer small 1 bedroom)

$1,140.00 + $400 insurance = $1540.00 for car rental. Normally we would use uber, but if my husband has any complications or needs medicine refills, I would like to get him back to hospital as quickly as possible.

$1200 for food for 3 weeks ( I will go only to grocery store and make our food to keep it low cost).

$640.00 + $90 for baggage= $730.00 Return flight

Total = $9580.00 (I'm requesting 10,000 to donate another $500.00 to app)

If we go over amount, I will use towards taking our 12 yr old son to some activities to keep him stimulated and not depressed with the situation. 

If anyone needs proof, please let me know what you would documents you would like from Cedar Sinai Medical Center.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and soul!


Update #5
September 6, 2023
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Update #4
September 6, 2023
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Aloha Everyone!

We are back home and settling in from donor experience. Nicolai started middle school, I'm looking for a new job after closing bakery, our oldest son and granddaughter are happy Dad/Grandpa is doing well, and the HERO OF THE FAMILY MY HUSBAND, is healing very well and enjoying life! 

My Dad is doing great! Just taking is easy and reconnecting with family and friends he missed time with from the last 2 years in pain. 

Forever Grateful for all the love, prayers, and support from ALL OF YOU!

Please consider saving someone you know or don't know by being an donor or support a donor. It isn't as scary as it seems. More info here:

Love, Jelana and & Family!

Update #3
August 10, 2023
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My husband is healing so well he was discharged from hospital yestday evening (1 day early) and Dad is doing so well that he will come home a day early tomorrow! God bless all of you for thoughts, prayers, love, support and donations!

photo is from day after surgery!

Update #2
August 8, 2023
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ITiS HAPPENING! Both my dad and husband are in surgery now. My husband went first at about 8am and then my dad at 9:30am. Cedar Sinai has a great text update system and all the messages have been updated how well both surgeries are going! God Bless

Update #1
August 5, 2023
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We made it to Los Angeles! Arrived late Thursday night. Early Friday morning we headed to hospital for husband's last round of testing and meetings with medical team. He is good to go! My Dad has been cleared and only has 2 more rounds of dialysis. They are both going to spend the weekend resting and Nicolai and I prepping to create a comfortable recovery space.

A college friend's relative opened her heart and home for us to stay at! This allowed us to cut our donation request by 50%! We are applying some of the accomadation budget to making sure we can cook amazing meals for them, provide repairs they may need around the house, any outings they may enjoy, and any way to can show gratitude with flowers and treats of course.

After picking up rental car today, gas and food for next 2.5 weeks, getting return tickets, we are only $500 away instead of $5500 from securing funding for this experience. Endless thank you and blessings for all the love and prayers you all have shared through various means. Thank you! Jelana & Family


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