This legal defense fund is designed to offset the legal expenses of Mari-Ann Henry who is one of the 16 individuals charged and overcharged by a rogue Attorney General in regards to then (and some say still) disputed issues surrounding the 2020 Presidential Electors in Michigan.  

In the 10+ years I’ve known and worked with Mari-Ann, I have found her to be professional, trustworthy, and level headed. Ms. Nessel’s arbitrary and politicized Attorney General’s office disregards violent criminals, rioters, and corruption. Instead, she charges people without any criminal record with 8 felonies in a political stunt so she can make a name for herself. This is par for the course for the Attorney General that botches important criminal investigations that were needed with issues with Flint Water and MSU’s handling of Nassar, while refusing to investigate the placement of COVID patients in nursing homes.

We believe that Mari-Ann Henry is not guilty of any of the criminal charges brought against her and we want to help make sure she has a fair trial and sound legal representation. All funds minus processing fees raised will go towards Mari-Ann's legal defense. Unfortunately, the legal process is part of the punishment. Innocent people still must spend a vast amount of money in legal defense costs. Let's help Mari-Ann Henry in her time of need. 

All funds raised through this campaign will go towards offsetting Mari-Ann Henry's legal expenses.