Hey everyone….the Johnson family needs our help! 

Back in April my friend Deanna took her 20 year old daughter to the doctor because of an abscess on her arm. They took blood work and said they would get back to them. Before she got home she had multiple urgent messages saying GET TO CHILDRENS HOSPITAL NOW!!!!! They arrived and had to sit for hours and hours wondering what was going on. Finally got in to see a doctor and they were told Heidi has LEUKEMIA. What a punch in the throat! Before they knew it, chemo/treatment was being started and the chaos has been non stop ever since. Driving back and forth to Buffalo daily as Heidi is  sleeping 14 plus hours a day and they have a family farm. To make a long story short….She has been neglected, over dosed, needed many transfusions, getting platelets that aren’t compatible and more. They are not getting any straight answers from anyone and feeling like she is a guinea pig. The doctors are stumped by a mutation and are saying she might need a bone marrow transplant. They are also telling the Johnson family that recovery from this type of leukemia is a very low percentage. So that being said and what they’ve gone through….they are looking to go to Mexico to a hospital called Oasis of Hope. They obviously don’t take USA insurance, so it will be all out of pocket costs. My sister in law went here for her breast cancer. They feed you cancer fighting foods, make meds using your own body and MUCH more!!!! PLEASE pray, donate and share this post. Let’s help take this financial burden off their shoulders!!! My heart can’t imagine this as a mom!!!!