Our brother in Christ Antony Ouma serves as a Pastor in Kenya, Africa. His family and church are burdened by lack of financial resources and desperately need our support once and for all. For Antony’s village, and many in the surrounding area, they have to walk miles out of town for clean drinking water. They make a living and provide for their church and family by farming and selling crops. Antony must hire a tractor with a plow to come till their ground each year before planting. Come harvest time, the crops they don’t need for themselves, the elderly, and children are sold for little profit. Antony’s desire is to purchase a tractor/plow of their own, maximizing profit on their crops and generating a stronger income for his family and church. He would have the freedom of being able to tend to his own crops without renting, and in turn would be able to rent out his own to the surrounding villages. Owning this tractor and having a way to make this profit has endless possibilities. Renovations could be done on the church, Bibles in their language could be purchased, a well could be drilled to give them closer access to clean drinking water; a luxury most of us take for granted. School supplies could be purchased for the children, funeral costs could be covered to help grieving families in times of need. Antony’s end goal is to become completely self sufficient, to be able to provide food, water, and income for his village on their own. They need your generous support to make this vision a reality. In the book of Acts 4:32-35 there is a beautiful passage where believers were selling their possessions and giving to each other as they had need. We believe that it may very well take this kind of sacrificial giving to meet a vision such as this, we ask that you prayerfully consider investing In The Kingdom of God through this fundraiser.