I had emergency umbilical hernia surgery on Wednesday July 5th and it’s put me out of work for a couple weeks so when payroll comes around on July 20th there will be no paycheck for me to collect and since I’ve only been employed at my job for only 2 months there is no sick leave and that’s gone put me struggling on paying for my room when it’s due again and with me being on restrictions for 4 weeks due to my surgery there’s no way I can do side work for extra money either if anyone sees it fit in the kindness of their hearts so help donate or at least share anything will be grateful!! Prayers work as well!! I do have proof of my paperwork from the hospital where I did have surgery!! Also if nobody wants to donate strictly to me I am staying at the red carpet in Macon,ga room 126 if you want to call and pay on my room that way!! Thank y’all so much