Legal Defense for Annie Palumbo

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Annie Palumbo.

Goal: USD $40,000
Raised: USD $ 6,670

Hello, I’m Annie Palumbo and I’m fighting hard for our Constitutional Rights.

One of our biggest rivals in the fight to protect our children from the liberal-progressive agenda in our schools is suing me personally for 3 million dollars!! The Plaintiff suing me is the Virginia Beach Democrat Party Vice Chair of Operations. Her name is Melissa Lukeson. Many people suspect that there are other liberals supporting this lawsuit to censure our Conservative voice.

In May 2023, Mrs. Lukeson’s speech to the Virginia Beach School Board was shared by video with the community. Many citizens, including myself, were fearful and intimidated by this speech (see video). Many questioned if the intent of her speech was to threaten concerned parents who were speaking up in opposition of Mrs. Lukeson’s views? I’m sure you know the answer! For three years, I have fought tirelessly for our children locally and nationally. Unfortunately, what I have experienced for doing so should send shivers down your spine. I have been publicly shamed by the plaintiff and many others who share her liberal views. I have wrongly been called a racist, domestic terrorist, bigot, liar, idiot, Q-Anon Mom; and the list goes on. Individuals contacted my previous employer saying a “racist” works there, and someone even went so far as calling the FBI on me. I have been removed from school board meetings or the grounds of any school administration buildings for a whole year because I held up a very graphic image of porn that is in our libraries and screamed, “why is this in our libraries?” I can only assume their goal is to silence and destroy me so that I will no longer protect our children. Rest assured, I won’t be silenced or destroyed. That’s why I’m reaching out to my fellow Patriots for your help.

So today, I come to you asking for help, because I am just an example of what is happening to so many Conservative parents and citizens just like myself all over the country.

I am a single mom, living on a single-parent only income, so I really need your help. Legal fees to defend these kinds of lawsuits are extremely expensive. Right now, I have no money for my legal defense. I have started a GiveSendGo. Please donate for my legal defense. All money donated will go towards legal fees. If you are able, please contribute and please share this with others.  

It has been an honor fighting for children against the liberal agendas of transgender, obscene books, CRT, mandatory Covid vaccinations, masks, school lockdowns, and indoctrination. I will never stop fighting for what is good and true because I know how the story ends. God wins!

Thank you for your support!



Update #1
July 16, 2023
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Hello again everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your generous donations, prayers, and support!  I am blessed 😇 ♥️🙏

Without your support, we would never be able to fight this battle of good vs. evil.

I want to periodically provide you with updates as we take this good vs. evil journey together. Not only to win this battle, but, win the war!

This is a war, to silence and intimidate parents fighting for our children. With your help,  I was able to put together a team of Consultants, Lawyers, and Conservative Foundations within one  week. 

Your donations so far, have paid for round one of the lawsuit against me. Thank you to our consultant, strategist, and team organizer Lenny (thank you for your introduction Jerome!), our bulldog attorney Mike (thank you for your introduction Bobby!), the various Conservative Foundation staff of Mike, Josh, Brad, Ali,and Mark and Taylor with Turning Point USA. Some exciting doors are opening with TPUSA I am now more convinced than ever that this is God’s calling. I am here at this time on earth to fight for the innocence of our children, trying to keep them out of the hands of the demonic democrats and fighting to not be intimidated by them or in fear of them. Remember, we can change the course of this country and save our children……we are all in this together!


Now, here is our update #1

Started our Legal Defense Fund and so far raised $6,000, to begin round one of the lawsuit Answer with its Affirmative Defenses (see some excerpts below), of the $40,000 needed to continue our war against evil.

I was invited and spoke at the Williamsburg James City County Conservative Breakfast Club; where over 100 people attended, prayed for me, showed an amazing level of enthusiasm, donation support (some individuals donated $500!), and shared their horrific democrat encounters with the group.

 I started to receive invitations to appear on podcasts. I already appeared with Jerome Bell’s Radical Republicans ( ) and will appear with Lindsey Graham’s Patriot Barbie podcast on July 17 ( )

We started the process of filing for our non-profit LLC for the furtherance of protecting the lives of innocent children.

Well, that’s it for Update #1. It’s been a very busy 2 weeks with many successes and accomplishments thus far, that could not happen without each and every one of you on our team. Please continue your financial support, if able, and please share our story with all your like-minded family, friends, religious groups, and business associates.  Also, please, sign up for our update notifications on my GiveSendGo page.

Please see excerpts from our answer to the Plaintiff - Melissa Lukeson (Vice Chair of Operations of the Virginia Beach Democrat Party) 

Speak to you again soon with more updates.

With all my love,




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