Empowered Canadians are raising funds to support a lawsuit filed by Carrie Sakamoto, a mother of three, who suffered significant physical and psychological harms, including permanent Bell’s Palsy, because she thought she was doing “the right thing” by following the advice and information from the government about the COVID-19 vaccines.

The lawsuit, filed in Alberta, Canada against various federal government agents and agencies and Alberta Health Services (the "government") claims that the government were negligent, provided information they knew to be false and incomplete, and that they censored and suppressed truthful and reliable information about vaccine injuries which caused harm to Carrie. The lawsuit goes on to allege misfeasance in public office by health officials in various governmental agencies.

The government held themselves out as public health experts, or as reporting on behalf of health experts. They intentionally set out to build a relationship of trust between themselves and the public during Covid at a time when they knew the public was vulnerable and afraid. Carrie, to her detriment, relied on the representations made by the government and this resulted in serious permanent harm to her.

Many Canadians, in their time of vulnerability, placed their trust in the representations made by the government regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Unfortunately, because of those actions and representations, many Canadians were negatively affected including our fellow Canadian, Carrie Sakamoto. Carrie developed severe, permanent Bell’s Palsy which causes her incredible pain and discomfort, both physically and mentally, to this day.

Carrie was not alone. Millions of Canadians relied on the representations of the government at a time when they were particularly vulnerable. We now know that many Canadians suffered physical and psychological injuries due to the misinformation and negligence of the government.

The impact of these injuries go beyond Carrie; it affects us as a society. Together, we can send a powerful message to the government, urging them to ensure that they do their job and the information they provide to the public is honest, reliable, and accurate. We hope that through this lawsuit, the government will be held accountable for their actions and that it will serve as a catalyst for responsible governance and communication in Canada. This lawsuit seeks justice for one Canadian who has suffered significant harms and, if successful, it might provide guidance for others to follow.

By supporting this action, you will be standing with those who have been harmed and advocating for the truth to be exposed. Your contribution will assist in funding medical assistance, legal representation and expert witnesses reveal the gravity of the situation.

Stand with us as we fight for justice, transparency, and accountability. Every contribution, no matter the size, is a step closer to seeking truth and creating a safer future for all Canadians.

Thank you for your support.

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