Supporting the Midgley Family

Campaign Created by: Jillian Ramsay & Chantelle Anderson

The funds from this campaign will be received by Tyler Midgley.

Goal: CAD $10,000
Raised: CAD $ 5,085

Louise Midgley is wife to Tyler and homeschool mother of four young children in New Brunswick, Canada. She was diagnosed at the end of May with a rare and very aggressive metaplastic breast cancer.

Thankfully, doctors have moved quickly to secure scans, tests and surgery for Louise. On June 5, doctors performed a left-modified radical mastectomy. It has been determined that her cancer is in stage 3.

Currently, Louise is clean, but the risk of it coming back is very high for metaplastic. They are prayerfully working on a plan to prevent this. With this type of cancer, there is only a 10-15% chance of chemotherapy doing anything and, given Louise's size and the low success rate, she has opted not to do chemotherapy at this time. They still need to consult with doctors to determine if radiation will be beneficial or not.

This family is leaning hard into the Lord as they seek to make wise decisions regarding treatment, healing and employment. Tyler and Louise would covet your prayers in this.

Also, so many of us want to help them and their children in tangible ways and this fundraiser page is one way to provide necessary financial support. There are many expenses related to medical appointments & treatments, childcare, meals, and so on. Please join us as we support & love this family.


Update #2
August 10, 2023
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First of all thank you so much to everyone that has helped out our family in many ways. Everything from the meal train, financial, cleaning, babysitting, driving, just someone to talk to and the many prayers. We have been truly blessed from all our friends and family. 

Louise is feeling almost back to her full self and can do most everything again. Louise has been on a very strict diet including absolutely no sugar at all for 6 weeks. This has been hard but Louise is doing her best. The wound has still not closed. The skin has been burned several times in attempts to help close the wound. 

We met with the surgeon 2 Mondays ago and she believes Louise has no hope. She kept telling us to "make memories" several times during our visit. According to the medical world chemo and radiation are our only hope. We are standing firm in our faith and trusting in God that it is not our only hope. We know that Metaplastic has a very high chance of coming back and that is why we are meeting with the specialist from Texas in 1 week on the 17th. He has been working with cancer for over 40 years and works with both the medical world and homeopathic world. After we meet him he will make a plan for Louise. He has doctors all over Canada that are willing to combine modern medicine with homeopathic ways. He looks at each case individually and makes each patient there own unique plan to beat the cancer. We are looking forward to talking with him and moving forward with this. Our next CT scan is not scheduled till October. We have been busy as I have been back to full time work for the last 2 weeks. 

Please pray that the meeting with the Dr in Texas goes well and a plan is made to prevent this cancer from returning. For Louise that she can stay strong with her strict diet and it will probably get even more strict when the Dr makes the protocol. Also that we can get back into a routine as being back to full time work has made both Louise and I quite exhausted. 

Thank you again to everyone. We have been truly blessed by you all. ❤️


Update #1
July 14, 2023
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- Louise continues to feel more like herself and her energy is getting better. 


- Tuesday’s meeting went well and we came back with some better understanding of what Louise's body is doing. He gave us a plan but he feels given the type of cancer that we need an expert. He gave us a referral to a Doctor in Texas who is extremely knowledgeable in cancer and works with both the medical and naturopathy world. He has been studying and working with cancer for over 40 years. He takes all your information and writes up a protocol to best fight your cancer. We have a meeting in August set up to meet him and go through what he does so we have full understanding. After the meeting we would decide if we want him to write up a protocol for Louise. We were already blessed that we have a meeting with him in August as he is booking into November right now. We are at the front of his cancelation list if anything opens up sooner. Prayers that we will have the right questions ready, that the meeting goes well and that everything is happening at the right timing. 

- Our meeting for local radiation went ok. Radiation can't begin until Louise's wound closes and we have yet to say yes or no. The doctor in Texas works in both worlds and sometimes his protocol includes radiation but it all depends on the person and cancer. Prayers, please that the wound closes and wisdom on the decision of radiation.

- Continued prayer for finances as going down the road of more natural ways is not covered and all cost come out of our pockets. All money from Give Send Go is going toward these costs. Thank you to everyone who has given to help with this.


  • Pray that Louise’s wound will close with the attention of extra mural nurses.
  • Pray that a plan can be made to prevent the cancer’s return.
  • Pray for the upcoming appointment with the doctor from Texas.