Will you help us to support my baby....

On June 13, 2023, Jordan Williams, my son, was involved in an altercation on a subway where he acted with courage to defend himself and passengers from a physically violent, reckless, and deranged individual.  Jordan was born and raised in Wayside Baptist Church, he is a high school graduate and an avid basketball player - lover of the sport! He is soft-spoken and respectful of those in his community and his elders.  The heartbreak over these events have taken us by storm BUT our faith remains stronger than ever.

We come from a house and neighborhood of love and all we ask for is that same support and love in return during these times.  We are blessed that a Judge has allowed my son to fight his case alongside his lawyer from the outside but there is still a ways to go in having these charges completely dismissed.  The legal battle has only just begun – please help us continue to raise funds to support his thorough defense so that he can clear his name, move on, and continue on to the amazing future that he has!!!

If you were a witness to what took place, pls reach out to my son's lawyer - Jason Goldman @ 212-466-6617 or jg@jasongoldmanlaw.com