Why a Cow and a Yak?

Yaks provide an opportunity for our family to have many of our needs met in one unique animal. Our list of needs include traveling to get mail and water, moving hunted and fished animals for our subsistence, and logging our land. While all these activities can be achieved using pick up trucks, atvs, chainsaw winches, power capstan, etc, the purchase and maintenance cost for these machines gets expensive. Yaks are not only low impact on the environment comparatively, they provide manure for fertilizer, hair for clothing, and nutrient dense milk to sustain our family.

Our goal is to purchase a Dexter heifer calf or similar breed, and a yak bull.  This allows us to maximize our milk production, while having a bull that can serve as a pack animal and produce offspring that are truly multi-purpose.

Cost breakdown:

1 male & 1 female calf:  $4,000

Travel Crates:  $472

Air Cargo:  $890

Fuel for Boat: $1,000