Please contribute to Kathie Breault's legal defense fund.

In April, 2023, Certified Nurse Midwife Kathie Breault was indicted in the Eastern States District Federal Court for "conspiracy to Defraud the United States" for giving vaccination cards to people who did not receive Covid-19 vaccinations. Her defense is that the vaccinations were ineffective and harmful and to administer them would violate the Hippocratic oath of health-care professionals: "first do no harm." Her legal defense against a dishonest and vindictive government will require lawyer's fees that exceed her ability to pay — a reminder that "the process is the punishment."

Kathie has also been accused of "professional misconduct" by the New York State Licensing Board for prescribing Ivermectin via tele-health visits in July 2021. Many other medical practitioners across the United States have been similarly investigated and some have lost their licenses to practice. Kathie has been under investigation by New York's Office of Professional Discipline since March 2022. No decision has been reached as of June, 2023.

Kathie has 35 years of professional nursing and midwifery experience. She has assisted in hundreds of home births and is a strong advocate of personal body sovereignty. She fervently believes that individuals should be able to make their own health decisions.

Please donate to her legal defense fund.