Saving the Life of Sheila Annette Lewis

Campaign Created by: Camilla Stephan

The funds from this campaign will be received by Sheila Annette Lewis.

Goal: CAD $600,000
Raised: CAD $ 125,126

Sheila Annette Lewis is mother of four, and grandmother of two who requires a life-saving organ transplant but is being denied one for reasons which have no medical validity. She lives in Alberta, and prior to the terminal illness she was diagnosed with in 2019, worked with a cleaning business 8-12 hour days to provide for her family, always putting her children before herself.

In 2020, Sheila Annette was placed on the waitlist for a donor organ, and in 2021, was informed that she had to be vaccinated against Covid 19 as a new requirement for transplantation. Having had C19 herself twice, she asked her doctors repeatedly for a C19 antibody test, but they refused. Expecting she had antibodies to C19 and therefore not wanting to subject herself to an unnecessary vaccination which had never been tested on people with her condition, Sheila Annette declined to take the C19 vaccinations and her doctors proceeded to move her to ‘inactive’ status. She then arranged privately to have C19 antibody testing and was found to have “extremely high” levels of antibodies to C19- higher than many people vaccinated against it. Her doctors, however, continue to refuse to provide Sheila Annette the transplant she needs, still insisting she must be vaccinated. Notably, the Alberta Transplant Program has recently dispensed with C19 vaccination as a requirement for kidney transplantation, and in court, a judge has acknowledged that previous infection with chicken pox, exempts transplant patients from requiring varicella vaccination. 

Sheila Annette's case is subject to a court-imposed gag order which is intended to protect her doctors from reprisal for their decision to deny her a transplant, so we cannot name them, their hospital or the the organ she requires.

With the help of a few dedicated friends, Sheila Annette has now found a hospital in the US that does not require the C19 vaccination for its transplant patients. The testing alone is estimated to cost about $100,000 CAD, and the surgery, many hundreds of thousands dollars more. As Sheila Annette’s friends and family, we appeal to you for prayers for her - that she get her life- saving transplant - and, for a financial donation toward the cost of upcoming testing and treatment in the US. Thank you very much for your consideration and your help.

 The Lewis family, and friends of Sheila Annette’s. 


Update #11
August 24, 2023
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Sheila passed away early this morning, awaiting a transplant. She withdrew the funds generously donated a few weeks ago for use during the long stay away from home that was involved, but sadly, did not live to see her life saved. Sheila unfortunately died intestate (without a Will) so those funds are inaccessible now, until her estate is settled. 

Her family thanks you for all for your love, prayers, generosity and support. Sheila fought a valiant fight and stood to the end for what she believed in. She remains an inspiration for us all. 

Update #10
July 18, 2023
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Hello all!

As you all know, this funding initiative was established to assist Sheila Annette Lewis in finding a medical solution in the US, after she was denied a transplant in Alberta. So many people have supported and contributed to this initiative and we, and Sheila, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

While efforts were ongoing to find Sheila a solution in the US, a legal action was also commenced in Alberta, as discussed in the interview which Viva Frei did with Sheila and her lawyer. The interview can be accessed at the link posted in an earlier update.

As mentioned in the last update, we are advised that as a result of that legal action, a satisfactory settlement has been reached. The settlement is subject to very stringent confidentiality provisions, with very significant consequences to Sheila if that confidentiality is breached. That is all we know and all we are permitted to know under the terms of the settlement. 

The resolution and settlement of the legal action will still see Sheila requiring significant funds including but not limited to expenses while Sheila is away from home for medical reasons such as long term accommodations, day-to-day living expenses and medications.

We are sure that any fair-minded person would find this consistent with the purposes for which this initiative was established. However, if anyone who has contributed wishes to have their donation returned, then please contact us to make that intention known and we will honour it, subject to any deduction that GiveSendGo might take from the donation. However, if you wish to support Sheila in her expenses regardless, thank you. We are so grateful for your support.

If there is any significant update from this current status then we will again advise.

Thank you!

Update #9
July 15, 2023
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As many of you heard on Sheila's interview with Viva Frei a few weeks back, Sheila and her lawyer commenced a negligence action against her doctors a few months ago. The parties have recently reached a satisfactory settlement in this matter, and all funds raised through your generous donations will be going towards Shelia’s health care needs moving forward.

Thank you all for your prayers, support, kind and encouraging words, and your very generous donations. 

Update #8
July 3, 2023
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Wow! Thanks to you all, we are approaching the $115000 mark- thank you! 

Here is Sheila’s latest interview, dedicated to everyone who has so kindly come together to support Sheila:

Update #7
June 30, 2023
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Sheila’s interview with True North

Update #6
June 30, 2023
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Today Sheila and her lawyer, Umar Sheik, joined podcaster and lawyer Viva Frei for an excellent 66 minute interview. Viva has just under 500,000 followers on Twitter and about 350,000 followers on Rumble, and we are very grateful for his support and the exposure to his large audiences. Please watch and share. Thank you all for your prayers, encouraging and lovely messages and your generous donations💕

Update #5
June 29, 2023
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Good morning everyone. Here are Sheila’s latest interviews. Please watch and share widely! Thank you to The Canadian Independent, Rebel News and all other outlets for the ongoing support. We couldn’t do this without you. 

If you haven’t already, please sign Rebel’s petition asking Alberta’s Health Minister to put an end to the coercion of transplant patients to get vaccinated with the C19 vaccinations. There is not a single double blind RCT which has shown that transplant outcomes are better for C19 vaccinated transplant patients.

Rebel news pt 2, and family interview :

Update #4
June 27, 2023
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Hello, all. We want to begin by thanking you all for your amazing efforts to share Sheila’s story and for donating generously, which has resulted in our pool topping $70,000 as of today! We read every message and appreciate every prayer💕

We feel confident now that we will raise the remaining $30000 we need to pay for Sheila’s testing, which Sheila will be given a date for in the next few days. After the testing, she will hopefully proceed to be placed on the recipient list, at which time we will be given the exact total we will need to raise for the transplant, which again, will be upwards of $500000 USD. 

To that end, Sheila continues to do as many interviews as she is able to. Here are two of the most recent, with Sydney Fizzard of the Rebel News, and Jeff Crouere of ‘Ringside Politics’ in New Orleans. Please watch, share and continue to spread Sheila’s story widely. 

God bless you all.

Update #3
June 17, 2023
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Good morning, all. Thank you all for your generous donations. God bless you all.

We have made some good progress in our fundraising efforts over the last few days as Sheila's message gets out there. It is imperative we keep this momentum building so we can reach our goal quickly such that we can get Sheila to the US for her testing in time to save her life. My goal is to have the $100,000 raised in a month's time, as it is only after her testing that she will be approved and the search for a donor will begin- and with that the fundraising for the actual transplant, which will likely cost an additional $500,000 USD.

Here is her interview with French speaking interviewer Robert Dorion, for those who speak French (Sheila speaks to him in English, and he translates for her.) Please share, and challenge everyone you know to match your donation. We can do this if we work together on Sheila's behalf!

Update #2
June 15, 2023
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Once again, thank you to all those who are generously giving, for your message of support and for your prayers. Sheila has been overwhelmed with requests for interviews and is doing as many as her condition allows, as speaking for extended periods greatly taxes her oxygen needs, and as a result, her energy. 

Here are links to her recent interviews. Please share widely. 

1. Theo Fleury:

2. Rebel News:

3. Mark Steyn: 

Update #1
June 11, 2023
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Thank you to everyone who has kindly contributed, and for the prayers and good wishes for Sheila. Tragically, on June 8, the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear an appeal of the earlier rulings against Sheila, and to add insult to injury, decreed that Sheila must pay the costs incurred by AHS and the transplant doctors in the two trials Sheila lost against them. In a CTV twitter poll, 83% of Canadians who responded do not feel it is fair that Sheila is being denied her transplant; the courts, doctors and politicians are clearly out of step with public opinion in Canada. Sheila's hope remains that we can come together to raise the funds necessary to save her life in the US. Please share this GSG fundraiser with everyone you know and watch and share her poignant testimony given recently at the National Citizen's Inquiry. God bless.


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