Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m not one who’s particularly good with words & I’m not definitely not one who’s good asking for help. In fact, last night while praying I begged God to throw a sign right in my face to tell me what to do bc I’m at a loss right now. Then while reading through Facebook about a dear friend from high school and her recent diagnosis that just breaks my heart, I came across THIS website on her page helping her and her kids…🤨 naaaaah  maybe? 😬 🙏🏼

My first home was hit with a flood and when we filed with the city for repairs and coverage for loss we were denied. Reason being because this was the first time it had happened so the city hasn’t had a chance to fix the “error”, NOW that they know, if it happens again they will pay. So my finished basement/master bedroom suite and office is missing all the dry wall on the lower half from the floor up a few inches high all around the circumference of the basement. I have doors missing due to damage from the flood, plus majority the furniture lost; thankfully not the bed and one dresser! 

The real stress is shortly prior to the flood and after purchasing the house I fell unexpectedly ill for an unknown reason that I’m STILL being tested for. I’ve been dealing with various gastric issues along with the most extreme fatigue of my life and weight loss. My doctors have decided to evaluate with ob/gyn as GI was inconclusive. In light of this, I’ve been forced to take medical leave of absence from work and the mortgage fell behind.  I’m an honest hard working 47 year old, college educated woman.  I work for a well known health organization full time, and I’ve been working since I was 15 years old ☺️ The illness has brought stress and depression and I just don’t know what else to do 💔

I’m not sure if this will even be read but I’ll remain hopeful that maybe good things will happen and perhaps I’m finally due 🥹 and if not that’s ok too. I know my time will come 🙏🏼