“Silenced” is a leaked documentary originally made by Tommy Robinson. He uncovers an unholy alliance between the government and the media as well as the unbelievable lengths they will go to silence the truth

Tommy observed a local story in Huddersfield England of a school yard altercation between two children, one being a Syrian refugee and one being an English boy native to Huddersfield. The video ultimately went viral and outrage poured in from around the world.

Since the viral video, Tommy has been sued for defamation by the Syrian refugee after posting a video on social media presenting the facts of the Syrian refugee participating in violent assaults against other school children (including the threat of raping the younger sisters of the English boy) while questioning his media-created victim status. 

To defend himself in the defamation case, Tommy decided to create a full length documentary explaining the incidence to use as evidence in his case. A judge of the high court has threatened to send Tommy to prison if he released this documentary to the public. That is where we come in. By luck, we were able to get our hands on this created film to share it with you so the world might recognize the corruption that preys on the minds of people. 

Since Tommy’s investigative journalism and the release of the video, Tommy has had to file bankruptcy to the tune of 1.6 million due to the backlash of simply telling the truth.

Both Tommy and Bailey, along with their families, have been severely threatened as a result of this incident. 

**All proceeds will go to protect Tommy's family and Bailey Mclaren as they are not yet in a safe haven**