Hi brothers and sisters! My name is Karrie. I’m from Indiana and have a five year old son named David. 

   I’m reaching out because I have goals to help him that seem impossible to me except through the grace of God.

   Please let me tell you more about us. I knew before my son David was born that he would be different. He’s also been such a blessing to our family. He does have his issues due to health concerns in utero. He was born with major scarring inside his eyes leaving him legally blind with very minimal vision that is also very nearsighted. He’s also globally delayed due to brain issues, vision problems, being on the spectrum, lockdown and loss of therapys etc.

   A little about myself,  I’m 45 and my goal is to provide security for my son’s future and help insure David’s independence as much as possible. I was blessed with my son a little later than I hoped yet he still has taught me so much. 

   My most pressing goal is why I started this campaign. David’s foundation and education is top priority.     

      Unfortunately I haven’t had access to good resources in our area. Those that are available are mostly inexperienced with visual impairments. After his therapies ended, for a few months David was enrolled in a developmental preschool program. We were hoping it would help in his development, learning, and social skills. That wasn’t a good fit sadly. He started fighting us in the mornings and having a complete meltdown by the time he came home. He was quickly turning into such a frustrated child. He is working on his communication skills so he wasn’t able to tell us what was wrong. We only knew for sure that it wasn’t working. I suspect he was overstimulated because he can be easily overwhelmed.

   Through our trials over time our family has drawn nearer and nearer to God. We have been called to bring our children up in the way they should go for all of their days. This is a great responsibility which can’t be taken lightly. The culture and what’s being taught in schools today will provide much of the opposite values than we want to instill in David.

   My son’s father, David Sr and I began to explore options and pray for guidance. We as his parents came to understand that we are the best candidates to teach our son. We have spent five years figuring out what works for him and what doesn’t. We have found ways to help him learn and find what makes him tick. We only want the best for our child and have decided to homeschool him. We can teach him the necessary skills and knowledge for him to lead a good and satisfying life. 

   That brings me to why I’m reaching out for help. He needs a structured but fun learning environment. My dream and hope is to provide the tools necessary to encourage success. This will require a variety of approaches to fit his needs. I want him to be excited about learning!

   David thrives on routine and positive reinforcement. I believe he would thrive in his own special homeschool routine.

   He can and will learn more. We just need support to provide the proper educational tools and setting where he can focus and be productive. 

   Please consider giving to this cause and sharing David’s story with others.

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know about us. Whether you are able to donate to our campaign or if you can join me in praying for my boy, I appreciate you and thank you.