“I became a Christian years ago, but I got married and moved to this province. I have no place to go to church. I have no Bible and I’ve forgotten how to pray,” said an elderly man in our village in central Thailand.
We were able to immediately take care of two of those issues; however, we have not yet been able to take care of the “place to go to church” issue.

Voice for the Voiceless Thailand is an Arizona based 501(c)3 created for the purpose of bringing the hope of the Gospel to small villages in central Thailand. We have been ministering and teaching English in Thailand since October 2016 and have seen many children and their families come to know Jesus as their Savior. Prior to our ministry in October 2016, the people in this region of Thailand had never heard about Jesus.
We are now trying to raise funds for the purchase of land in Thailand to build ministry buildings, such as missionary quarters and a learning center where the children and their families can come for church, Bible studies, learning English, and many other activities. Right now, we do not have a permanent facility where people can come to learn more about Jesus.

This purchase of land will be the first step in reaching our goal of having a peaceful, tranquil, and safe facility that people can come to and learn about Jesus, as well as receive instruction in English. Once we purchase the land, we will proceed with seeking funding for the construction of these building.
You can learn more about us at www.voiceforthailand.org.

The amount that we need to raise for this first vital step is $40,000.