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The funds from this campaign will be received by Melanie Hempel.

Monthly Goal: USD $1,000
Raised this month: USD $300
Total Raised: USD $ 8,085

On Sunday April 30, Sheri was diagnosed with cancer. On May 5, it was confirmed as kidney cancer. On Friday May 12, she will begin immunotherapy via IV every three weeks for a total of 4 doses. Following these, testing will be done check on how the tumors responding for a long term prognosis. These drugs are very new so there is limited data. However, they are seeing promising results. 

We are requesting prayer for Sheri throughout the treatments. As well as funds for 4 months of rent and utilities. 

Needs will be updated and evaluated as treatment progresses. 


Post Surgery Update
March 21, 2024
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Follow up visits with the surgeon are complete and healing has gone very well. Sheri met with a radiation team who will follow her if radiation ever become necessary. They are all hopeful that will not be necessary. 

Then came visits with her oncologist who said a wonderful word--stable. Sheri's cancer is not curable by medical standards, but with the therapies she has had it is stable and they are seeing no growth at this time. Scans and appointments continue as they follow her. Sheri resumed the current treatment plan with hope to continue to those pesky cancer cells. 

We ask for God's will to be done in any manner he sees fit. We have ways we would like to see that happen. Please continue to pray for the treatment plan to continue to ⚒ and for Sheri's body to continue to stay strong in fighting the cancer. 

Surgery Follow Up Appointment
February 8, 2024
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First, the meal train from Sheri's church has been greatly appreciated. As well as all the family and neighbors that have stepped forward to assist. Having her daughter with her the first week following surgery was a special blessing. 

Sheri's recovery seems to have turned a corner. She is starting to tolerate food and fluids better with some medication changes. 

The tumor was cancerous. However, the neurosurgeon reports it was removed in a single piece and the margins are clear. This is a very positive report. The "tumor board" reviewed Sheri's case and feels that radiation is not warranted at this time. The neurosurgeon feels they got everything, but of course it is possible a few cells were left or a second tumor starts from wherever this one originated. 

For now, Sheri will be able to restart the chemotherapy pill. 

Next steps:

1. CT of torso in 2 weeks

2. Oncology appoint following that to determine continuing plan for therapies. 

For those that wonder, there were 11 or 12 staples removed today. 

Heading to recovery
January 22, 2024
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Sheri is headed to recovery. Surgery went well. The neurosurgeon explained they will figure next steps in the next few days. 

We will update as there is more as those steps are determined. 

Heading to the OR
January 22, 2024
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Sheri is doing great and heading into surgery now. They're starting a little late. 

Surgery on 1/22
January 16, 2024
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Please pray for Sheri as she has surgery on Monday, 1/22. 

There is an tumor within the ventricles of the brain. It is unknown if it is benign or or malignant. The neurosurgeon believes it is growing too slow for a malignancy yet too fast for a benign tumor. She will spend a night in the ICU followed by possibly another night. 

Six months later...
October 24, 2023
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It has been nearly 6 months since Sheri was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer. Last Friday she was unable to have her immunotherapy due to nausea and vomiting leading to dehydration. She received two infusions last week to try to decrease the side effects. 

She received her first denial for Social Security disability which was not surprising as they didn't take the medical concerns into account. She is filing an appeal and hoping to have this settled before long. Stage 4 cancer is a compassionate reason for disability. With her inability to work her full schedule, the funds would be very helpful. 

Please pray for:

  • Sheri's strength to increase so she will be able to tolerate the immunotherapy
  • A quick resolution to Social Security Disability benefits
  • Peace of mind in dealing so many varied concerns

CT Scan Results 09/29/23
October 2, 2023
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Sheri had a CT followed by an appointment for results on Friday 09/29. The results were not as hopeful as we would have liked. The margins in the lymph nodes near the sternum have increased. 

Treatment will resume, but with a change to help decrease the side effects. Immunology will happen every other week with only one of the  two medications. 

Please pray for a decrease in side effects--particularly pneumonitis--and effectiveness of the treatments. 

Post Scan #1
September 2, 2023
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There was some positive results in her August scan. She has another scan in 4 weeks. She will receive no immunotherapy treatments between now and then. We are praying her next scan shows positive results.

Sheri continues to work as able, but tires quickly. 


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