Nicholas Brockhoff Support Fund

Campaign Created by: April Brockhoff

The funds from this campaign will be received by April Brockhoff.

Goal: USD $25,000
Raised: USD $ 2,183

On January 6, 2021, just a month and a half after his 20th birthday, Nick went to Washington, DC to attend the Trump rally and protest the results of the 2020 election. Nick was arrested on May 27, 2021, and has been held in prison since that time. Nick was sent to Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, VA, where, for 19 months he endured cruel and inhumane conditions. Northern Neck only allows their prisoners one hour of outdoor and indoor rec each week, and these events are often canceled, they never allowed Nick to have in person visits with his family, the prison is infested with mice and roaches, and mouse feces were often in the food and on the food trays, lights remain on at night making sleep nearly impossible, and the food there is barely edible. While at Northern Neck Nick became a trustee, working in the kitchen and also working as a painter, which enabled him to make money so that he could purchase commissary items so that he would have enough food to eat. Nick earned a career readiness certificate at Northern Neck and got enrolled in two college courses from Adams State University, and will soon complete one of those courses. At the end of December 2022, Nick was transferred to USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania, where he remains today. The conditions are much better there and in person visits are allowed so Nick has been able to see his family. Nick has always been a good son and brother, and a true friend. Nick was a good student and multi-sport athlete in high school, and spent his senior year as an exchange student in Spain. Before his arrest, Nick worked in home remodeling. Nick loves to fish and go camping and ride his motorcycle. Nick remains hopeful for the future. We miss Nick terribly and are praying for some grace for him during his sentencing. Any donations will go to help pay for Nick's legal expenses and supporting him while in prison.


Update #1
July 21, 2023
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Nick and I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words,  prayers and donations.  I  can't express how much it is appreciated.  In May, Nick was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison.  His judge sentenced him below the guidelines and we'll below what the government was requesting.  Because he's been held pretrial for 2 years before sentencing he will be eligible for home confinement in August.  We're so excited to have him back and he's excited and anxious to be home.  Please pray that he'll be allowed to come straight home and not have to go to a halfway house.  His incarceration has been extremely difficult due to the conditions of the jails he was at and he could use a break. 


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