This is my last cry for help so Haylee and I can have the opportunity stay in our home. This house, and being able to purchase it through habitat for humanity, was a huge blessing, but no I need to witness a miracle. I have been struggling to keep a job since June of last year, I've been dealing with all kinds of mental disabilities, physical disabilities, losing my car and now on the verge of losing the house. Ive tried to help other people when I couldn't even help myself, and now I'm at a point where I may lose the one thing I worked so hard for so that Haylee wouldn't have to move around. So far, since July I was able to get help with two months mortgage from NECAC but they don't have funds available now. I've only been able to make two payments since the Help from NECAC. Now i have a job close to home where transportation is not an issue.. My mortgage is very affordable, and it doesn't make any sense to refinance it and put an interest rate on the loan. I have reached out to Habitat for Humanity. I have not been able to find anybody that CAN help me just to catch it up so I can keep it going. With my current job, I should be able to afford the payments, and if I can get October through March's payments. the late charges that are on the account can hold off until later down in the loan. I have also reached out to Amerinat, where my loan is serviced, and tried to apply for a modification I was declined. I am currently working with Waypoint Church and Harvester Christian Church to see if they have any help or funds available to assist with the default, we are waiting on the answers from them. I'm pleding begging for anyone who can or will help us lovely ladies keep our home. I don't like to ask for help, but I'm so deep I now know I can't do everything all alone.

Please keep praying. I know its his timing, not mine. I'm doing the best I can with what I have at this moment. I have plans to start school. I will gladly provide the information to submit a payment with Amerinat if you just inbox me.