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Free speech and labor rights are under attack in Boston, Massachusetts. Look no further than what Boston Mayor Michelle Wu has done to Sergeant Shana Cottone and Police Officer Joseph Abasciano. These two Officers were fired as retaliation for challenging Mayor Michelle Wu and her vaccination mandate and engaging in free speech. No longer 'the hub' of American Democracy, Boston has become a political cesspool where coercion, manipulation, cover ups, retaliation and political targeting are the norm and directed at those who speak out against those in power. Today we ask you to support these two fired Boston cops who decided to stand up and speak out against this hostile environment created by Mayor Wu. Remember: Donations CAN be made anonymously.

Mayor Wu has made it abundantly clear: Get with her agenda, or kiss your career/business/education/reputation etc. goodbye. Both Shana and Joe were fired for exercising their First Amendment rights, the rights of Boston workers and residents and for speaking out against Mayor Wu and her Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Don't believe the spin and lies coming from the Administration: Shana and Joe were fired for speaking out. Full stop.

Mayor Wu's vaccine mandate was derailed in no small part to the activism of Shana Cottone and all members of Boston First Responders United, including Joe Abasciano who is a member. This group represents Boston's First Responder community, Boston school teachers, Boston public works, Massachusetts court officers, and many other types of workers. The group also represents many citizens in and around Boston.

If not for BFRU urging several Unions (BFD's 718, BPD Superiors BPSOF and BPD's Detectives BPDBS) to file suit to obtain an injunction against Mayor Wu's policy, there would be dozens if not 100's more City workers out of a job. Instead, it's just Shana and Joe.

Mayor Wu has maligned the reputations of these two officers simply because they have different belief systems than the mayor and they had the audacity to make those opinions and beliefs known. Mayor Wu has robbed them of their careers and ability to support their families. Mayor Wu has acted in a malicious and calculated manner in order to silence these two officers.

And now they need YOUR help.

Shana and Joe have made a commitment to see this through, to hold Mayor Michelle Wu accountable and to expose all those who have collaborated with her to commit these injustices. Both officers are currently in the process of crafting their respective lawsuits against the City of Boston and Mayor Michelle Wu personally. This fight isn't about just these two (former) Hub Cops. It is about the rights of ALL Union workers in Boston and Massachusetts. It is about ALL Boston & MA residents' ability to speak out and air their grievances to and against the government without fear of retaliation or retribution. IT IS ABOUT EVERY SINGLE UNITED STATES CITIZENS. If people in powerful positions can abuse their authority & power to go after those who dare speak out then what will they do to those who are less daring, but aggrieved nonetheless?

Your generous donations will go toward the funding of these lawsuits. It takes a village, or in this case "a TOWN" to fight City Hall. We need YOU to stand side by side with Shana and Joe and tell Mayor MIchelle Wu: YOU WILL NOT VIOLATE LABOR RIGHTS, YOU WILL NOT VIOLATE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF WORKERS AND RESIDENTS, AND WE WILL NOT TOLERATE APPOINTED OFFICIALS WHO VIOLATE THEIR OATH.

Shana and Joe have always had the backs of the working, dedicated, good men and women at the Boston Police Departments- will you stand side by side with them as they pursue justice for ALL? Every dollar matters. Please remember you can donate anonymously. We know people are afraid to speak out for fear of experiencing the same fate, but Shana and Joe are and will continue to do so, please help make history and ensure justice. With your help they are going to turn the old saying, "You can't fight City Hall" on its HEAD. Let's stop this out of control "Wutrain", support Shana and Joe. Thank you and God bless you.


Update #1
March 24, 2023
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You can't fight Michelle Wu's City Hall?......SUPPORT & WATCH SHANA & JOE AS THEY DO!

Please share this fundraising campaign far and wide. The Constitution covers ALL people in the United States. Join the winning team who will bring corrupt Mayor Wu to her knees and send the message: You work for the PEOPLE.

By Joe Battenfeld | | Boston Herald March 23, 2023 at 6:40 a.m.

"You can’t fight Michelle Wu’s City Hall – and if you do try, expect some old school hardball tactics to send you packing.

That’s the message Wu’s sending out to employees and critics who dare challenge her, with the release of a summary of an “internal” affairs police report against a fired anti-vaccine mandate police sergeant.

Wu’s police department – or Wu herself – put out the summary report about terminated Sgt. Shana Cottone to disgrace her and rally public sentiment against her.

This handoff to media outlets is the worst kind of heavy-handed politics, the equivalent of shooting a mosquito with a cannon.

Now Wu or her new supposedly progressive police commissioner is going after one of the mayor’s most public critics. Firing her wasn’t enough, they had to shame her, too, with a Machiavellian smear job.

The shocking details of the report include things like Cottone wouldn’t leave a pizza restaurant when she was supposed to, and allegedly followed Wu with her car.

These acts may not be appropriate behaviors for a police officer but they are not high crimes.

The summary “internal” affairs report is supposed to be confidential – that’s why they call it internal affairs, not external affairs. But that apparently doesn’t matter to the mayor, who is more concerned with getting even than playing fair.

The leaking of the document raises serious questions about what Wu knows about it, and did she direct police to release it or clear it with the commissioner?

What is the policy about internal affairs reports? Are they going to be releasing other internal affairs reports now?

Cottone is also among those protestors who – simply exercising their First Amendment rights – used to stand outside Wu’s Roslindale house, shouting into a bullhorn or ringing a cowbell to call attention to the mayor’s policy of firing employees who don’t get vaccinated.

But then Wu got the City Council to pass an ordinance barring the protestors from gathering outside her house early in the morning, an unprecedented attack on the First Amendment.

But Cottone continued her protests, which got her fired.

Now the mayor is releasing this internal affairs report to send a blunt message to other employees to stay in line or face the firing squad – along with an internal affairs report detailing your crimes.

It’s a sad commentary on the state of affairs in City Hall, which has always been ruled by hard nosed politics. Wu was supposed to be a breath of fresh air.

Turns out she’s just the same if not worse than everyone else."


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