Supporting St Athanasios Orphanage

Campaign Created by: John Duffy

The funds from this campaign will be received by Josphat Ouru.

Goal: KES63,500
Raised: KES 38,390

Greetings! My name is John (Quin). I met Father Theodoros in March of 2021 through one of the catechumen at his parish. St Athanasios Orphanage has about 15 children (some of them are just foster care), and Father Theodoros' goal is to provide enough for the kind hearted children to be able to make it to graduating high school. Some of these children come to the orphanage from struggling families just for a meal, or they stay entirely at the orphanage because they were previously living on the streets. I started a GoFundMe during lent of 2021 to support the orphanage and it took off. The fundraiser has raised about $7800 since it's creation of the GoFundMe Fundraiser, approximately $6500 has been raised via private donations and also during a fundraiser held at St Mary's Antiochian Church in Omaha, NE in the fall of 2022. Every dollar has been given to Father Theodoros and has been used for food, as well as other projects for the orphanage. They have built dormitories, bathrooms, dug a well, obtained three cows, built a dining hall, purchased a field, purchased chickens, an incubator, purchased a new battery to provide power the orphanage, as well as clothes for the orphans. Without the sacrificial giving of our brothers and sisters, all of this wouldn't be possible. I try video call the orphanage around once every couple of months at least. Father Theodoros has requested that a new fundraiser would be created for regular giving. If everyone that received a link to this fundraiser were to donate just $1, the orphanage could get so much farther. Father has a goal of complete self sustainability, and a lot of the foundational things that are needed have been provided through the generous giving of others (a field, chickens, cows). However, there are still a few upkeep things that are needed, and these still don't cover the regular cost of food. Every little bit of giving helps!

I highly encourage you to reach out to Father Theodoros and to give to him directly (I use the app called WorldRemit to transfer all donations to him). I also encourage you to have a video call with Father and to see the children. Here is a link to his Facebook. I have found that having video calls via Facebook Messenger works better than any other app. Please share this fundraise if you cannot give anything. No matter what, we need your prayers! God bless you!


Update #3
June 29, 2023
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Putting up a perimeter wall for our orphans, where a thief jumped in and stole from the orphans. Kindly support with anything that may be helpful to our orphanage. May God bless you y.

Update #2
May 3, 2023
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St Athanasios Foster Care orphanage home and school children having their daily meals. Please we appeal in humility to all our well wishers kindly to help us since we're facing strong challenges concerning food. Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

Update #1
May 3, 2023
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