Hello! My name is Cade Cunningham and I am a member of the Boy Scouts at troop 1331. In Boy Scouts when you reach the rank of Life Scout you need to lead and guide a service project to communities, churches, and organizations in order to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. My service project will take place at Cornerstone Community Bible church in Rosenberg, Texas. At Cornerstone our youth is all about serving and leading, so through this project I will be helping our youth to grow to be great leaders and followers. My service project will consist of resurfacing our gaga ball pit with artificial grass, and we will be building bench-tables. The process of resurfacing the gaga ball pit will start with killing all the grass underneath and covering it with an anti-weed protective cloth. Then we will lay a rock foundation to keep the grass steady and firm as we run around on it playing gaga ball. After the artificial grass is laid on the rock foundation then the it can be firmly staked in place. Now, you may be asking yourself, what are bench-tables? Bench-tables are a special type of bench that can be easily and swiftly converted to a table about the size of a cafeteria table. There will be 2 of them built and the benches come as kits to maximize quality and reliability. Both benches will be placed around the playground area to make it easier for parents to watch their kids play. The project overall should cost about $1300 in all but I hope that you will help he towards this lifelong goal I have, Thank you! Cade.