In December 2021, I sued Twitter for banning me unfairly for my accurate tweets raising questions about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid mRNA vaccines.Throughout 2021, I had fought to reveal the truth about the mRNA shots and to argue against the Biden Administration's unconstitutional efforts to mandate them for adults. But when my audience grew too large and my questions too pointed, I faced censorship.Woke legal analysts and journalists mocked me and the suit, saying it had no chance of success. "They were wrong. Four months later, a federal judge in San Francisco - a Democratic judge appointed by President Clinton - allowed my lawsuit to proceed, giving me access to Twitter's internal files. In July 2022, Twitter settled the lawsuit in a complete victory for me. The company restored my account and admitted it should never have banned me.Even more importantly, the discovery from the lawsuit allowed me to see exactly how the White House and Pfizer had secretly demanded Twitter remove me - conspiring to violate my First Amendment rights.Now I am going to hold President Biden, Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla, former White House official Andrew Slavitt, and the other members of the conspiracy responsible. I am filing a federal lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against them for their actions.New York is a deeply blue state, and the odds are that a Democratic judge will hear my case, but just as I succeeded in San Francisco, I expect to win again. The facts are just too strong, and in 2018 a federal judge in New York ruled that Donald Trump could not bar Twitter users from commenting on his tweets because he disagreed with their political views. Exactly the same principle is at stake here - the White House's efforts to make Twitter ban me because I asked questions about the mRNA Covid vaccines is a clear violation of my First Amendment rights.That said, taking on the federal government and top executives at one of the world's biggest and most powerful corporations will not be easy. They will try to delay at every turn. Even surviving a motion to dismiss, much less getting to trial, will be a titanic legal fight.But with your help, I intend to win. And I intend to find out what the White House and Pfizer knew about the way the Covid vaccines were failing in the summer of 2021, and how they secretly planned to impose mandates and convince people to take booster shots. I will not give up until we have the truth.Join me.Thank youAlex