It's incredible to see God's hands in the little things. From time to time, Anthony's job takes him to various places all over the world. We have our preferences for where it's easier for him to be because of the time difference and still being able to easily communicate with him. However, God always sends you to where he wants you to be. On this particular trip, he spent 35 days in Guam, a 14-hour time difference from our home state of Tennessee. Little did we know that God had plans for that trip. On his trips, he isn't always able to connect with a church, but this time we did a little research and found that there was a Calvary Chapel in Guam. He connected with the church and men's group there. What is so amazing about this church is that several of the families are foster families. Guam has about 600 foster children and less than 70 licensed foster families on this tiny island. It was one of those pieces of information that when you share, it doesn't leave your mind. 

We have always talked about adoption before having our 5 kiddos. It was something we thought about for later down the road. After Anthony returned from Guam, we talked and prayed about if God was leading us to start the adoption process. We did some research and found that there is an agency on the island and adoption is becoming more common across the island. We are taking a big step of faith to see where God leads in this process. And we are asking for support through prayers, encouragement, and financial if you are led to do so. 

We are in the process of completing our home study to be approved to adopt from Guam. Between the flights to Guam, lawyers, and agency fees, we are looking at $15,000 - $20,000 in cost. We hope to get part of that covered through grants once we have our approved home study. Would you consider supporting us as we take this step of faith as a family? 

Russell Moore writes in his book Adopted for Life, "Adoption is not just about couples who want children - or who want more children. Adoption is about an entire culture within our churches, a culture that sees adoption as part of our Great Commission mandate and as a sign of the gospel itself. "

However you are able to support us, we appreciate you! We will post updates as often as we can of where we are in the process. Stay Tuned!