On January 6, 2021, my beautiful son Christian Secor attended President Trump's rally and like many patriots entered the Capitol. Christian peacefully sat in the House Speaker’s chair and politely left when asked to do so.

Christian was arrested on Fat Tuesday of 2021 and spent forty days and nights in solitary confinement during Lenten. 

After an extensive period of home confinement and curfew Christian was ultimately sentenced to three and a half years in prison- over twice the agreed upon sentencing guidelines. This is despite how my son is a college student, was gainfully employed, had no criminal history and had a perfect record awaiting trial. 

This campaign is to help reimburse our family for Christian Secor's extensive attorney fees and to keep Christian's commissary fund supplied. Prayers and letters of support are also appreciated. Feel free to write him at:

Christian Secor 30223509,


PO BOX 3007

SAN PEDRO, CA 90733-3007

United States