I started a Parrot rescue when I realized how many of these intelligent beautiful birds were kept in dark rooms or neglected for years on end. One day a man showed up with a parrot that had to be taken that day It was a baby Ring Neck Parakeet. Although I placed this bird in quarantine. it took 2 weeks to get the blood samples for health. The bird was positive for PBFD. This virus is fatal to most parrots. There is no cure and no treatment. However many of these birds can live for years and never become symptomatic. The bird world is aware how hard it is to kill this virus so of course I was shunned from the people I knew. This virus though the bird was quarantined has caused 7 of my parrots to test positive so far. 

I refused to just accept the death of 32 birds I rescued. I am in contact with 2 veterinarians who specialize in Birds. These vets are willing to come here and help me If I can keep the viral load to a minimum stress levels low and maintain a quality diet I can extend the lives of the positive birds. 

I need to move all the birds out of my home and into separate aviaries One for positive birds and one for healthy birds .Once out of the house I will be able to kill the virus that remains. The solution to clear the virus is to strong to use in presence of birds

Up to now I have paid for everything on my own but this is just to big for me. I am asking that you please donate any amount you can afford to both save these birds and any other PBFD positive birds that may need help in the future