WE will go on .. somehow.. someway !!!!   

Many of you know I've been a believer in keeping our body healthy SO THAT when life throws you a curve ball, you are prepared for anything !!!! ... Exercise is a huge part of mind, body and soul.  5th Gear Fitness has become my SAFE place :) 

Due to circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to move to a new location ... which means moving thousands of pounds of equipment, storage for what will not fit in a smaller space, renovations at the new spot to fit our 5th Gear families needs and more.  We will need ALL the help possible and the $$ to help make this happen for a business that adds SO much value to the lives in our area !!!!!!  

YOU can be a part of helping us continue this journey of helping many live this life at its best !!!!!  When a community works together towards a healthier life, we become a strong, able and willing society ...   SO if you find it in your heart please donate ANY amount ...