Isaac Thomas is a 20-year-old  Jan 6th defendant from Flint, MI.  At the age of 18, he traveled to DC to attend his first ever political rally and exercise his 1st amendment right to peacefully protest. He committed ZERO acts of destruction or violence.
      Isaac was emancipated from the foster care system at 16 years old after enduring years of abuse and neglect while under the care and custody of the Department of Health and Human Services. Isaac became politically active after his emancipation in 2019 due to his firsthand experiences of a failed system.  He is being persecuted because of his opposition to a corrupt establishment.

     The media continues to slander Isaac with biased news coverage of his case which has resulted in him being threatened and harassed on multiple occasions. Despite the injustice of his circumstances, he continues to fight to expose the truth and trusts in God to guide him.

      Isaac continues to advocate for all victims of incompetent and corrupt government policies, but he is being crushed by legal bills that continue to mount and desperately needs your support.   Any donations and prayers would be greatly appreciated.