Covid-19 - Canada Needs An Honest Record

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There must be an inquiry into Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic response, and we need your help to make it happen.

As we have heard over and over, the COVID-19 pandemic was “unprecedented.”

But more importantly, Canada’s response was without precedent.

Lockdowns; restrictions on gathering, travel, worship, health care and learning; job suspensions; lost businesses; isolated loved ones; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These interventions affected the physical and mental health, civil liberties and fundamental freedoms, jobs and livelihoods, and overall social and economic wellbeing of nearly all Canadians.

In fact, a recent poll found that 3 out of 4 Canadians felt they were harmed by the pandemic response.

What went right? What went wrong?

A lot happened in a short amount of time. Responses from all levels of government affected citizens in a variety of ways. We need to find out what went right and what went wrong, but most importantly, to learn so that future crises are managed effectively and responsibly. At a time when most people want to just move on, it’s our duty to carry out a rigorous and thorough analysis of what just happened. History is calling.

We need an inquiry. Indeed, we need a citizens’ inquiry, because governments enacted these responses while citizens bore the brunt of the effects. The stakes are too high to count on governments effectively investigating themselves.

The National Citizens Inquiry plans to hold hearings in 8 centres across the country early in 2023, followed by publication of the Inquiry’s Final Report.

We need your help by making a direct financial contribution to this endeavour. Thank you in advance for your support. 


Update: National Citizens Inquiry - Toronto Hearing Overview
April 8, 2023
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“We’re not the same afterwards.”
Shawn Buckley, NCI lead council on listening to days of shocking testimony

I’m trying to find the magic words that will have everyone replace their TV viewing with National Citizens Inquiry testimony.

“I laughed, I cried.”

“It was a tour de force.”

“Truth is stranger than fiction!”

If clichés worked, I’d use them all.

To be clear, there’s a lot more crying than laughing, but on occasion, we confront absurdities that we just have to find relief from.

Here are just a few…

A paramedic walks over to a dead man lying splattered on the sidewalk, having clearly jumped 8 stories — where a colleague is administering a PCR test to determine if cause of death was C-19. [Day 3, Scarlett Martyn @ 6:09:22]

A woman goes to a hospital because the C-19 injection is causing her fingers to peel, giving her blurry vision, head-to-toe bruising, and head tremors — and she’s put on anti-depressants for anxiety. [Day 3, Dianne Spalding @ 9:48:20]

A lawyer and a judge (okay, wait, this should be good) are in court because a mother, quoting Pfizer’s own documents on massive C-19 injection side effects, wants to prevent the father of her children from giving them the jab against their will.

Her case is dismissed because she’s not an “expert” and, says the judge, “the government should always be given the benefit of the doubt.” [Day 2, Michael Alexander @ 5:59:49]

(Um, thalidomide, anyone?)

Clown world has become a cliché, too, but when we hear these testimonies of example after example of logic and reflection going out the window, one has to wonder.

What has happened to our discernment, our capacity to think for ourselves, our humanity?

In even darker examples, we heard testimony of a man in extreme pain and in need of an appendectomy being abandoned by a doctor after being told that if he didn’t take the C-19 jab immediately he’d be dead in 2 years. [Day 3, Maureen Somers @ 9:41:45]

Thankfully, a doctor who still adheres to the Hippocratic oath rescued him in time to perform emergency surgery.

(He’s just fine, now.)

We heard of the appalling treatment of a mask-exempt woman who was knocked to the floor of a Walmart by 3 police officers on Christmas Eve, while people stood around watching and doing nothing — even as she was taken out of the store in handcuffs, bruised and screaming for help.

All for not wearing a mask that she cannot, medically, wear. [Day 2, Natasha Petite @ 5:21:10]

There was the testimony of a woman whose 18-year-old daughter tried to commit suicide when she found the 2nd lockdown in Ontario too much to bear.

The mother was denied access to her daughter because of unprecedented hospital C-19 policies.

She had no support from the hospital and no assessment of her daughter’s condition.

Her daughter eventually succeeded. [Day 1, Elizabeth Garver @ 5:38:20]

There’s more heartbreak.

So much more.

And there’s also the explosive expert testimony, which covered legal issues, education, policing, pilots, media, dealing with the dead, societal shaming, and, from Dr. Robert Malone, 5th generation warfare (which I’ve written about HERE as well) 👇

As a partial list of additional must-watch expert testimony, I’m narrowing it down to these:

    Irvin Studin, education expert and policy advisor — on the catastrophic impact of closing schools and the bleak future faced by tens of thousands of young Canadians.

    Bruce Pardy, law professor — on the limitations of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the human fallibility of judges. A necessary civics lesson for all Canadians.

    Tom Marazzo, veteran, teacher, activist — on societal virtue signalling, the Freedom Convoy, the beating of decorated veterans and how his bank accounts were frozen. (He later told me that if he hadn't had cash on hand, he wouldn't have been able to buy his son’s heart medicine.)

    Laura Jeffery, embalmer — on huge anomalies in people’s deaths and in their blood. Since the injection rolled out, people started dropping dead in front of loved ones during the day, "dirty blood" started appearing, and then "white fibre masses."

    Rodney Palmer, award-winning former journalist — on the complete lack of news gathering practiced by the CBC (and others), with the replacement of actual news with propaganda. This testimony needs to be watched and shared by all Canadians.

    Dr. Mark Trozzi, ER physician — on the global impact of medical crimes against humanity, and how “Injections paid phenomenally.”

    Vincent Gircys, decorated retired OPP officer — on a forensic investigation into the truth and the clear and present danger of the authoritarian state here in Canada.

I know I’m missing major pieces here, which is why I encourage everyone to watch all the testimony.

Think of it like a TV series, with each set of hearings being a season.

Break it down into episodes and let me know if this isn’t some of the most compelling real reality TV you’ve ever watched.

And then ask yourself, how can I support getting the truth out?

What actions can I take and who can I talk to?

What can I do to stop this?

Because it is still happening.

Health mandates have only been repealed, not eliminated.

The media is still driving the narrative and not reporting the news.

The government is still promoting a known hazardous medical product as a “safe and effective vaccine.”

And as Dr. Mark Trozzi testified, “all 3 words are a lie” — they are not safe, effective, or a vaccine.

Many employers are demanding “vaccination” as a job qualification, though the evidence clearly shows that those who are vaxxed are just as likely to transmit the virus as those who aren’t.

Many hospitals are still mandating masks, though this has been proven to be ineffective.

Nursing homes are apparently still injecting people against their will.

And there is virtually no compensation or even acknowledgement of the vax-injured.

They have been abandoned by both “sides” of a tactical division.

Traitors to the “vaccinated” for the crime of getting sick.

Dismissed by some of the “unvaccinated” for getting the shot in the first place.

We have lost our collective way.

And we are in danger of becoming so caught up in having the right opinions that we’ve lost sight of having compassion.

As policy expert Irvin Studin said, the children who have been abandoned by the education system due to government C-19 mandates are entering a “post-COVID cruel world.”
“What awaits is huge destabilization.”

Irvin Studin, PhD

We need to re-align with our values, our commonality, our humanity.

We need, each of us, to demand that those responsible for the policies that led to so much suffering explain their decisions, and be held to account for the damage done.

To forward this accountability, political representatives, particularly those responsible for health policies, have been summoned to testify.

So far, no response.

No response from the mainstream media, either.

No coverage whatsoever.

And as Vincent Gircys said, “Absence of evidence is also evidence.”

I'll leave you with these powerful words from the opening statement on Day 3 of hearings in Toronto by NCI lawyer Shawn Buckley...

Stay tuned for Winnipeg, coming soon.

Canada's Unprecedented Inquiry - Top 10 List | From Michelle Leduc Catlin | NCI Spokesperson
March 24, 2023
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You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this:      Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn

I’ve been agonizing.

It’s been a week since I flew to Nova Scotia for the first round of hearings of the National Citizens Inquiry.

I could write a book about what I witnessed there.

I could write one about each of the 3 days of testimony, or each witness, for that matter.

Whose testimony most urgently needs to be heard?

Dr. Peter McCullough’s because he’s a world-renowned C-19 expert?

Dr. Jordan Peterson’s because he’s the most famous and outspoken witness?

Or is it that of the victims of unprecedented government measures that saw people lose their jobs, their homes, their communities, their health and even their lives?

Whose testimony is it going to take for people across Canada, and all over the world, to sit up and pay attention?

To stand up and take action?

To notice that, despite the popular belief that this is all over, the fallout from 3 years of inhumane policies and behaviour is still being felt and may continue for decades to come.

If not longer.

I’ve decided on a top 10 list of reasons why everyone should watch the sworn testimony of NCI witnesses and participate in the Inquiry.

In no particular order…

1. High quality scientific and statistical evidence.

Since I’ve been researching and writing about all things Covid for 2 years, I thought I knew pretty much all the expert evidence that would be shared but, wow, was I wrong.

Aside from the citing of the latest peer-reviewed papers and the fascinating science lesson on laboratory control practices for vaccines (Pfizer’s and Moderna’s were “abhorrent, abysmal”), there was jaw-dropping information gathered by a researcher who used her own time and money to collect data through Freedom of Information requests.

(You can watch Shelly Hipson’s compelling testimony HERE on The First Day for Truro at 4:42:45.)

2. Hugely compelling citizens’ stories.

I lost count of how many times I cried and I can’t possibly rank these testimonies, but off the top of my head, you really must hear about the indignities and absurdities forced on a mask-exempt teacher and her grade 1 and 2 students.

Did you know there’s a microclimate helmet?

(You can watch Kassandra Murray’s incredible testimony HERE on The First Day for Truro at 7:48:07.)

3. An exercise in growing and strengthening our collective democratic muscle.

The inquiry is being led by independent Commissioners, who have signed a Declaration of Understanding and Neutrality, and were suggested by and chosen by citizens based on their objectivity, competence, and trustworthiness.

The whole Inquiry is being run by volunteer citizens and funded by the donations of citizens, and what comes of the recommendations at the end of the Inquiry will, in large part, be contingent on the demands of the citizens.

It’s time to exercise our responsibilities as well as our rights!

(You can watch the NCI administrator and commissioners opening remarks HERE at The First Day for Truro at 42:30.)

4. Contrary to popular opinion, “it” is not over.

The policies that overrode our Charter and human rights have not been removed, but only lifted. And as history shows us, no government voluntarily relinquishes power once it’s been granted.

In addition, the governing bodies ruling doctors and scientists in both medicine and academia continue to have us lose our best and brightest.

Prince Edward Island lost a vascular surgeon, Nova Scotia lost its highly qualified head of 13 emergency rooms, and one doctor testified to leaving the profession altogether — to pursue a law degree and a career in medical malpractice.

Perhaps most egregious is the current suspension of Dr. Patrick Phillips for the crime of advocating for his patients.

For doing what he took an oath to do — first do no harm.

(You can watch Dr. Patrick Phillips' shocking testimony HERE on The First Day for Truro at 2:31:45.)

5. We can’t move on unless we face the truth.

We have been collectively manipulated to believe a narrative created by the government and perpetuated by the media, seemingly determined to put us in a state of permanent fear and obedience.

A former Nova Scotia Health Authority manager with access to hospital admissions data from across the province submitted sobering evidence that the media exaggerated numbers.

Read: lied.

(You can watch Linda Adshade’s eye-opening testimony HERE on The Third Day for Truro at 7:08:15.)

6. We need to heal our division.

We cannot grow or even govern effectively when the population has been siloed into 2 camps.

The NCI offers a starting point for discussion, a blank slate free of political persuasion or manipulation. If we can agree that we all want truth and justice to prevail, we can all come to the Inquiry with open minds and hearts.

Those who disagree with us are not the enemy — we have all been lied to and manipulated. We need to demonstrate the kindness and compassion Canadians are known for, and bear witness to the damage done.

When we the people join forces, the will of the people will prevail.

(You can watch Pastor Jason MacVicar’s tragic story of a community divided HERE at The Second Day for Truro at 7:29:55)

7. We need a non-partisan solution.

Right from the beginning, the decisions to mask, lockdown, socially distance, and then choose whether or not to inject one’s own body were politicized.

Already, the Inquiry has proven that harm is not divided along party lines as witnesses with political views from across the political spectrum gave sworn testimony.

One courageous young Green Party supporter shared the immeasurable harms they experienced due to the personal choice not to take the injection.

(You can see Bliss Behar's eloquent testimony HERE on The Second Day for Truro at 8:04:45.)

8. We need a record of what happened — history demands it.

People’s stories need to be told.

What happened needs recording.

More than that, we need to expose the suppression of information and opinion that went against the state, and reveal the enormous suffering of the “vaccine” injured, and of those whose careers, relationships, and businesses were ruined.

(You can see Kirk Desrosiers and his wife Tami’s heartbreaking story of vaccine injury and coercion HERE on The Third Day for Truro at 7:55:13.)

9. We need solutions.

We know that history repeats itself, and yet we seem to have put that aside in some collective rush to move on and forgot the loss of rights and freedoms of the past 3 years as if it was just a blip or an aberration.

How this and every great country moves forward is by examining, rigorously, and as objectively as possible, its actions. What did we do wrong? What did we do right? What can we do better? What can we learn?

(You can watch Dr. Laura Braden’s excellent lesson on standard laboratory practices and what needs to be done better HERE on The Third Day for Truro at 07:20.)

10. We can set an example for the world.

From Canada’s liberation of The Netherlands in World War 2 to the Freedom Convoy in 2022, Canada has a reputation for standing up.

What our government did on February 14th last year created a great diversion from our reputation as a compassionate, fair, and free country.

But we the people can take back our power and strengthen our position in the world by demonstrating what democracy can look like and what its citizens can do.

Ultimately, we can, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote, resolve to live our lives with integrity — individually, as communities, and as countries.

And we must.

The only way forward is a strong and reliable foundation of truth, justice, and responsibility.


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