That's me, Russell Cook, who never intended back in 2009 to do anything more than alert a few conservative news people that what I’d found from digging through the accusation about "industry-corrupted skeptic climate scientists" was the accusation was totally without merit. But rather than stop and embark on my original plan to start a retirement career doing eclectic graphic arts work that would provide money for food on my table and a roof over my head, I instead began using my savings to support myself while I gathered even more evidence to back up my assertion that skeptic climate scientists were not paid to spread disinformation. From 2013 to 2018 I was given basic sustenance donations to offset my living expenses, but that dried up. My home expenses afterward were covered by a generous relative, but upon that person's passing, I no longer have free room & board to tap and must now allocate a small inheritance from that person to purchase a very tiny home and use what remains to cover meager living expenses. 

Thus the appeal for any amounts generous people can offer, large or small, to put a dent in grocery bills, car maintenance bills, a return to the dental hygienist after a long Covid-prompted delay, on and on, the kind of regular expenses that most people easily cover with their salaries (I've reactivated the prior GiveSendGo account that was created for me by a very generous Canadian friend to fund-raise for my costs of attending Heartland's Florida climate conference, and again greatly thank those who donated for that). 

My objective is to keep doing what you see in my GelbspanFiles blog, building a mountain of evidence that can be used by someone with major influence - as I note in my LinkedIn resume page resume page - who will beat the "crooked skeptic climate scientists" accusation and the core promulgators of it into submission. The promulgators may have crossed over into what might be criminal libel/slander, an injustice of epic proportions, causing harm to the larger population. But Federal level investigators and the law firms defending the fossil fuel company defendants in the 25+ “Exxon Knew” lawsuits can't effectively expose this whole problem for what it is without bulletproof evidence, no stone unturned that would give an advantage to the promulgators to get away with what they've been doing since the 1990s … while enriching themselves in the process. 

I do what I do because it is the right thing to do, a considerable financial sacrifice on my part. I'd be indebted to anyone who can donate who understands the injustice done not only to skeptic climate scientists, but to us all when it comes to our freedom to question such injustices and defend ourselves from their efforts to silence us from demanding them to produce their "evidence." 

The "climate crisis' issue only has two pillars holding it up, "settled science" and "industry-paid skeptic scientists." When that latter pillar crumbles to dust, the other must collapse by default because policymakers and reporters will have no remaining viable excuse to ignore what skeptic scientists have to say.

My hope is that one day I'll be rewarded for the work I've put into this, it may be worth major monetary value to the defendants in the  "Exxon Knew" lawsuits where they might be spared the expense of paying billions in unnecessary settlements. I don't know how I could repay any donors in the interim, but I would certainly pay it forward wherever possible.